How to Look Slimmer in Photos

June 11, 2014

I use Photoshop to edit my photos. I think it's one of the best inventions of the digital era. However, I'm against it when it comes to modifying your appearance like they do in fashion editorials. I prefer to see real bodies and faces. Nevertheless, we all like to look beautiful in photos and there are ways to look better in them, it's all a matter of how you pose. Here are 10 tricks that will make you look slimmer in photos:

  • Wear dark clothes: black is not only the most elegant color, it's also the most flattering.
  • Keep your chin up and out: this will make your neck look longer and you will avoid the very much feared double chin.
  • Pull your shoulders back and stick your chest out.
  • Don't press your arms to your body. Keep your arms slightly away from your body or put your hand on your hip like Blake is doing in the picture. Your arms will look slimmer.
  • Experiment with selfies to find your best angle. I never post selfies online, I don't like them. But I must admit that they are extremely useful to see what looks best for you.
  • Cross your ankles if you are sitting and wearing a dress or a skirt, you will look leaner.
  • Twist your body slightly to the side, you will look slimmer. A straight body shot shows you at your widest. 
  • Avoid bulky clothes, they will make you look heavier than you actually are. I learned this when I took a photo wearing a cape. I love capes, they are on fashion but there are not flattering in photos at all!
  • Sit down or stand up straight. A good posture is always important, not only when taking a photo. Apart from being the best for your back, you also look more confident if your back is straight.
  • Avoid a low angle: for a more flattering photo, position your camera slightly above your eye line.

I hope you find these useful! Have you got any other tricks to look slimmer in photos?
I'd love to read your thoughts on the comments below,
Cristina xo

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  1. Dear Cristina,
    I agree that using web cameras for selfies can be useful for learning how to be "nicer" on photos... And also other tips could be useful, too.

  2. beautiful dear!!!!:)

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