Bridges of San Francisco: Golden Gate Bridge

July 8, 2014
After the first intallment of the series, here comes the second one: my beloved Golden Gate Bridge.

There are few feelings as wonderful as crossing the bridge to the other side. The wind on your face (even though sometimes you fear the wind is going to blow you off), the smell of the ocean...Most days are foggy (one of the many charms of the city) but if you manage to cross it on a clear day, the view of San Francisco from the other side is just spectacular. 

By the way, I'm finally on holidays (yay!) Which means I can finally fulfill my big plan: devoting the summer to photography. I've always been passionate about photography. As a kid, I used to watch my dad developing photos in the darkroom we had at home but I've never truly learnt the techniques. I want to practise exposure, lighting, shutterspeed, aperture, ISO, etc. I first conceived the blog as part of the experiment so you and I can see my development as a photographer. I hope you'll follow me in this little adventure. : )

What are your plans for the summer?
I bet that at some point in your life you have said I'd love to do this or that or I'd love to learn a foreign languge/play a music instrument, etc. If you had the time and the chance, what would you like to do/learn?

Have a great Tuesday.
You'll be hearing more often from me from now on ; )

Cristina xo


  1. You're so lucky, I've always wanted to visit the golden gate bridge x

  2. love San Francisco, great shots!

    xx Angie |

  3. So beautiful picture my dear! Love SF! :)

  4. The scenic views are spectacular. Great photos. I'll look forward to your next post.


  5. Preciosas fotos!

  6. Beautiful pictures

  7. Gorgeous photos, bring back memories of my travels. I hope you have a wonderful summer!

    Luxx Mint

  8. Fabulous pictures!

  9. beautiful photos


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