H. Preppy Fashion Show

September 10, 2014

Fashion month is upon us and Madrid is packed with events. September has kicked off with Madrid Fashion Show, next week Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid will take place and finally we have Vogue Fashion's Night Out on September 18.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to attend the fashion show of one of my favorite Spanish brands: H.Preppy. It was one of the events of Madrid Fashion Show, a project which offers and alternative to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and which aims to promote the Spanish fashion industry.

H.Preppy's Spring/Summer 2015 collection is inspired by Mexico. The fabrics are rich and varied, there is a wide range of embroidery and prints. The limitless color palette represents the diversity and folklore of tribal and ethnic cultures. This collection targets confident, sexy and edgy girls, trend-setters who appreciate rich fabrics and quality.

I first heard of H.Preppy back in 2009 and I've been following them since then. I remember seeing a beautiful plaid coat with a gold embroidered crest on the breast pocket displayed on the window of the store where I buy most of my clothes back in my home town. It was love at first sight. I still own the coat and I love it just like when I bought it.

I believe that collection was inspired by Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf in particular. The designs have evolved since then to a new preppy style. The clothes have become edgier mixing pink hues with studs, sequins or fringes. Their silhouettes are feminine with fitted bodices and full skirts. Their designs transform you instantly into an it-girl. 

You can check out their website and on-line store here.

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for reading,
Cristina xo


  1. I've never heard of H.Preppy but oh my god! How cute is that Native American inspired outfit with the white shorts?!!?

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.


  2. omg all those dress! I love it and what a great collection!


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