Sweet du Jour: La Cure Gourmande

December 8, 2014
Biscuits, sweets, food. Gift holidays.

La Cure Gourmande is a sweet shop I came across recently. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, you are going to love this. The first thing that struck me was the store, it is so colorful that it makes it impossible to pass by without going inside.
An assistant is greeting shoppers by giving pastries out to try. If you were not hooked before, you will be now. The quality of their products is amazing. The biscuits and chocolates are simply scrumptious. To cap it all, the presentation of the asortment is a joy to behold. The tin boxes are one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. That's all I can say because you need to see for yourself. Check out their website to find a store near you.

Have a great week,
Cristina xo

Biscuits, sweets, food. Gift holidays

Biscuits sweets food Gift idea holidays


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