Kill Them With Kindness

January 30, 2015

"When someone tries to bring you down, kill them with kindness"

I'm a very passionate person and I have the feeling that sometimes my feelings take control of myself. Consequently, I end up doing things I regret later on. Do you ever feel like this?

A few weeks ago I came across this quote "kill them with kindness" and it instantly became food for thought. I love quotes. Everytime I read something I like I have to note it down somewhere so I don't forget it. They are motivational and they help me become a better person.

I know that holding onto anger is useless, however, whenever someone is unkind to me I get really angry and end up stooping to their level. That's not very lady like, I know..., so it's something I've always wanted to change about myself.

So if you feel related to this, why don't we try something together? When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try and treat the world better than it treated you.
Have a great weekend,
Cristina xo


  1. Love this quote

  2. I totally agree with you!! Yesterday I bought a picture where you can write: kindness is the new black!

  3. I know this is weird - but I think I read this post for a reason. I've been so down in the dumps today and wondering how I am going to respond to a certain someone when they finally stop being an arse... this really helped!!!

    Thank you!

    1. You are more than welcome. I'm so glad that this was helpful! :)

  4. Love this!


  5. Yes, I follow you on gfc, follow back?

  6. Great mantra that I love to stick by!

  7. Absolutely agree! There is rarely any point to argue with people, reply badly to bad things, etc. As well as it rarely a matter of principle where you have to stand up for yourself or your beliefs, usually it's just a stupid situation that's not worth your attention.

    PS Don't think that I'm trying to spam you or bluntly promote my blog, but since you love quotes, you might be interesting in my recent post that took a lot of time and passion to prepare and I created a collection of motivational mottos for every week of the year. You might like it! :)))

    Victoria, gone with 'The Wind of Inspiration'

  8. I've always tried to treat people kindly even if they are or have been horrible to me. (it can be really tough) What I think is great to think about is why they are angry or unkind to you? They must be going through something bad in their lives. (It doesn't excuse them from being cruel) however if we give out positivity to them they might just starting being positive as well.

    Great post and love the quote :D

    1. I think that is a really good point! I must confess I've been a bit rude when I was feeling angy or depressed and I've always regretted it. We must learn to control our emotions.


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