Cafe Colon Madrid

February 19, 2015
I had such an amazing dining experience on Valentine's date night that I felt I needed to share it with you guys. My boyfriend and I had made reservations to a place we had never been to: Café Colon Madrid. I stumbled upon this place while reading a lifestyle magazine and I immediately thought it was worth a try. A decision we will never regret.
The meal was a special Valentine's Day menu consisting of 4 courses and a dessert:
Shrimp, lettuce and caviar salad
Duck micuit foie gras with raisin biscuits
Scambled eggs with cod, fries and onion
Veal with veggies
Chocolate soufle with meringue milk ice-cream
 The restaurant is a stone's throw away from Madrid's Golden Mile in Barrio de Salamanca, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the Spanish capital.The place is beautifully furnished, the cuisine and cocktails are exquisite, the environment unique and the service is impeccable. The cherry on top was that they gave every gal a gift: a small plant with pink flowers. Tell me ladies, what girl doesn't love to be spoiled by a little detail like that?

If you are in Madrid this place is a must. We will definitely be coming back!
Cristina xo
Since I didn't feel like taking my SLR to dinner I have no proper photos of mine to show. These are via Architectural Digest, and their Facebook page.


  1. wow this place looks amazing

  2. Amazing place!! It makes me want to go there now.
    Maybe you wanna follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? You have a lovely blog, let me know :)
    xoxo, Mai ♥

  3. Gorgeous place, would be glad to visit it too while in Madrid ;)


  4. What a cute place! All the food looks divine!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  5. Amazing place.
    Would love to visit it.

    Check my new post.

  6. Amazing post again <3
    Dear can you click in link in my last post? It is really important for me <3

  7. Amazing place! Nice post


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