Christmas Tree Brownie

January 4, 2016
christmas tree brownie recipe

While the rest of the world is putting away the Christmas decorations, Spain still has one big celebration to go: the coming of the Three Wise Men. The Magi bring presents to children on January 6 just like they did with baby Jesus. Although in recent years we've adopted the tradition of Santa Claus, los Reyes Magos (the Magi) still stand strong as children's favorite gift-givers.

There is a traditional cake we eat on this date for breakfast, Roscon de Reyes. However, today I want to show you another option: a Christmas tree brownie. This is a "lazy" recipe because it's done with brownie mix from Dr. Oetker. Even though, part of me thinks this is cheating, I also think this is a life saver when you are short on time.

christmas tree brownie recipe

All you have to do is pick a cute mold. For instance this one from Lékué. Then just follow the instructions from the brownie mix. You often need to add extra ingredients such as eggs, water and butter.

christmas tree brownie recipe

They will also tell you how long you need to bake it in the oven and the temperature. This one needs to be baked for over 50 minutes at 160ºC. As for the decor, here's where you should add a personal touch. I chose sweet candied food and chocolate flakes. Other delicious options that come to mind are nuts or icing. You can find my icing recipe here.

christmas tree brownie recipe

If you like the recipe but don't celebrate the coming of the Magi, you can save it as inspiration for next Christmas by pinning any of the photos.

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Cristina xo

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