Stripes and Lace

August 15, 2016
I discovered Claudie Pierlot when I moved to Madrid about two years ago. It is the “little sister” of two well-known French brands, Maje and Sandro. It's a bit more affordable but the quality is still amazing. I instantly became a huge fan of the line, the feminine and classy pieces match my style. The first piece I bought back then was this striped top with a bow which still remains a favorite of mine. Most of my recent purchases have been in their store including this lace trimmed top and striped pants and a beautiful soft pink dress with scalloped cleavage that I haven't posted yet.

There are two main reasons why I fell in love with this outfit. On the one hand it combines my favorite patterns: lace and stripes. On the other hand, it's made up of my favorite color combination: baby blue and white. Even my room is decorated in those colors!
Claudie Pierlot gives this classic top a feminine touch with a delicate lace underlayer. The outer tank is made of loose-fitting linen so it feels soft and airy on warm-weather days. The comfy cotton pants are soft and the fabric is really thin. Add a navy blazer and voilà! you are ready for work.

See you next Monday,
Cristina xo

Claudie Pierlot pants. Same pattern available in dressblazer and skirt.
UGG sandals 
Everything is on sale so hurry up before they sell out!


  1. I like Claudie Pierlot
    The striped pants are very cute

  2. Love this outfit! :)
    x Kenzie //

  3. Gorgeous, I am in love with those trousers! You have a lovely blog and you seem so nice, let me know if you want to follow each other and keep in contact, I love making new blog friends! x

  4. Love those paired together! Pants are super cute!!

    mallory |

  5. Cute pants! Very chic look :)


  6. This is definitely a feminine outfit and so very nicely put together. Very light and summery. I love the handbag as well.

    Heba xx ││The Heba

  7. Wow you look gorgeous, so elegant. Lovely outfit x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  8. Absolutely love this outfit, Christina. You look gorgeous! <3

  9. This is such a classy look! I love your pants

  10. You look so pretty :)

  11. Thanks Adele! You have a lovely blog too. Keep in touch!

  12. Really cute outfit. Perfect casual chic or office!


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