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October 28, 2016
I want to discuss something with you today. Since many of you are also bloggers I thought it’d be useful for you to read about a recent experience I had. I often get collaboration offers in my inbox. We could say I’ve turned down around 98% of them. I sometimes wonder if I’m doing the right thing.
Recently, I've started to get collaboration proposals from popular Chinese websites which have hundreds of thousands of followers and buyers from all around the world. This is when I have the hardest time saying no. On the one hand, it looks like I'm missing the chance to be connected to a big company. On the other hand, they don't pay and the cheap products they offer for free are not what I want my brand to be associated with.

Most brands take my refusal well. They are polite and understanding. However, the other day a company offered a teeny tiny amount of money to put banners on some of my posts. I turned them down and I was surprised by this reply: "Placing a post banner is just like adding a picture, and only show at one page. Why do you still hesitate when you can earn money by just adding one picture at your older post?" Maybe I took it too seriously, but the reply annoyed me. It made me think that they believe small bloggers are desperate to earn money. My blog is my hobby and my passion, I do it first of all because I love it not for the money. I'm not "selling" my blog for a few bucks. I can't deny that I'd love to collaborate with high end brands...but if it's not with them, I prefer to blog for free and just post what I love. We are brands too. It’s our responsibility to take care of our brand. If we don’t take our work seriously, who will?

I’d love to read your thoughts on this, guys. Have you experienced something like this? Do you ever feel like brands think you are desperate to earn money/attention?
xo Cristina


  1. Omg! I'd legit be annoyed too! Like, bugger off, you know? lol you have a right to be ticked off.
    To be honest, I barely check my email when the subject line says, "I'd like to collaborate with you..." At this point, I just can't be bothered. It's like you said - right now, it's just a hobby for me and I just wanna keep it that way for the time-being. Good for you for sticking to your guns! Thanks for keeping us informed as well!


  2. I would definitely feel the same about that email! I sometimes get emails about wedding why?? Most of the brands I have emailed with have been really nice, but I suppose there is always one! I think maybe some brands are desperate to grow and want bloggers to feel like they need to put their things online or people won't like them?
    x Kenzie //

  3. omg I totally agree with you! i am getting so sick of people sending me junk emails refusing to pay me and then only wanted to send me cheap products. I also had a recent Chinese company get mad at me for saying no and then made fun of me for asking for more money and said I had a weak following on my Facebook.

  4. Wow! I totally love everything about this post. You really stood up for yourself. Those companies have no right to say anything like that to you. After all, they are ASKING you. We might as well post signs on our blogs saying "We have the right to refuse service." You are doing what's best for you and I commend you for that! Stick to what you think is best. Don't let them bully you!


  5. I can't agree more! You must work ONLY with the brands that you truly love and ONLY feature the items that you adore. Otherwise, why bother blogging at all!

  6. No se puede ser más clara ; a mi también me han enviado muchos correos para hacer colaboraciones con estas webs pero tengo claro que si el producto no me representa no lo voy a hacer porque sería engañarme a mi misma . Me gusta muchísimo que se hable de estos temas .
    Besitos guapa

  7. I agree with you, Christina. I had a similar experience a few month ago. It was some Australian company that wanted to put a banner on my blog but they only wanted to pay me like 10€ for a year, and when I declined they wrote something very similar.
    Even though I really want to earn money from my blog I don't want to do it at any cost. It has to reflect me, my blog, and my brand otherwise it just wouldn't work for me....

  8. Well said Cristina. My blog is also small and i get some pretty insulting offers from smaller or larger companies. I always say no to them ofcourse. Big or small someone has to work for that blog and the blog owner is responsible for the quality she offers to her readers.


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