Peter Pan Collar Top & Childhood Memories

November 14, 2016
Peter Pan collar top fashion outfit blogger

I like to surround myself with memories. From an early age I've felt attached to different objects from soft toys to clothes. Whether they've been gifted by family or friends, given on a special birthday, or bought in a foreign country, they have a special meaning for me. Most of those things are kept in my room at my parents' house. It has become some kind of shrine. Whenever I come visit and I enter the room my mind starts playing those cherished memories.

Wearing this sweet Peter Pan collar top here makes me think of the beloved childhood character after whom it's named: the free spirited and mischievous young boy who can fly and never grows up. Don't you ever wish you were like him? Especially on a rough day, this room becomes my happy place and all I wish is that a was a happy child again with no worries.

Peter Pan collar top fashion outfit blogger

Going back to that Peter Pan collar top, when I see it many ways to style it come to mind. It's so versatile it can be worn almost all year round.
On a cold day you can wear it to the office with a navy blazer, skinny jeans and loafers. Or to meet your friends at a coffee place with a cozy cardigan, skinnies and shearling boots.  On warmer days I'm thinking of pairing the top with distressed white shorts and espadrilles or if I need something less casual I'd wear it with formal shorts and ballet flats.
If you have any other ideas to style it, let me know!

Top: c/o SheIn
Jeans: Zara

Now I’d love to know if objects have sentimental value for you. What's your most beloved possession? What souvenirs do you usually get from your trips? Do you collect anything?
Cristina xo


  1. Such a sweet post! I went from collecting magnets on holidays to mugs and now to hats! I still have a stuffed toy fox that my dad got me when I was a baby :)
    x Kenzie //

  2. Es maravilloso tener recuerdos tan significativos , yo no soy de guardar cosas pero creo que es muy bonito reencontrarse con esos objetos e la infancia o adolescencia para quitarle por unos minutos tanta responsabilia a nuestras vías.
    Pienso como tuu en que la blusaque llevas es ionea para cualquier estavcion

  3. Such a cute top! It definitely take me back to my childhood too!


    Tamara -

  4. really enjoyed reading this post! :)

  5. That top is so cute! I love tops with Peter Pan collars

  6. Nice top and beautiful room memories and toys!

  7. I love peter pan collar top and this one is so cute! The pinstripes are so cute!

  8. So lovely dear! I love to collect things that has some meaning to me, like shells, corals. They take me to places where I enjoyed the warm sand and sea! xoxo
    Vesna - new post on Home Chic Club

  9. Stylish outfit! Love this blouse!
    Have a nice day!

  10. Love this post! And that top is super cute :)
    I'm very nostalgic myself! I still have a lotta my favourite childhood stuffed animals and I keep a lotta things near and dear to me. It's to the point where I have trouble letting go! Nothing in particular that I can think of..the memories they bring me, are very special too. Great post :)



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