Blogger Reflections: The Costs of Being a Fashion Blogger

January 20, 2017

A couple months ago I wrote my first blogger reflections post. I was a bit hesitant at first because I thought "who cares about what I think?" However, when I looked at my statistics the other day I was surprised to find that it's been one of the most visited posts since I published it. So I've decided to give it a go again.

Last Friday, I watched a documentary about a well-known low-cost brand and its effects on our economy and buying habits since it landed in Spain. It talked about their ridiculously low prices and how that's making made-in-Spain brands suffer the consequences. It also talked about the factories in Bangladesh where their products are made. The documentary talked about fashion bloggers as well. It was food for thought.

I do not consider myself a fashion blogger (although I LOVE fashion blogs), I only post a couple of outfits a month -even though they are my most visited posts. I also love blogging about my other passions (food and travelling) so I don't want to focus on one niche only. Window shopping is my favorite pastime but I only buy things I fall in love with. I don't buy clothes to wear them once and then toss/sell them. If I "love" something it means I want to wear it for years until it's old or I'm tired of it. I like to get a good use of them otherwise I feel bad.

I've never been to the store the documentary was about but I know the type of store and I know I won't find anything there that would "make me happy". Could I go there and buy a few outfits for little money and be able to do fashion posts every week? Yes. Do I want to? No. Please, don't get me wrong if you are this type of shopper, I'm not criticizing. I just want to say it's not my style and if I did this, it wouldn't be me. I'm not embarrassed to say I don't have enough clothes for a "haul". I don't want to have so many clothes there are not enough days in the season to wear them. I just want to share with you the few things I buy every month that I saw in a store and made me think: "this is going to make me a little bit happier every day I wear it".

The documentary also made me think about the disadvantages of fast fashion:

The environment: renewing a closet every year has serious consequences for the environment. Not only because bad quality garments don't last really long and end up in the trash, but also because of mass production.

Exploited employees: when I see a pair of jeans that cost €9 I can't help but wonder: "how much did they pay the person who made them?" This is a very controversial topic and it's impossible to know where your clothes came from. Actually, many companies don't even know this because they hire other companies to look for factories. However, really cheap stuff is much more likely coming from sweatshops.

Local companies close down: or reduce their staff. As I said before Spanish brands are suffering the consequences and that saddens me. It makes me so proud when the tag on my garment says: Made in Spain.

I'd love to read your thoughts on this so please leave a comment below. I've created the hashtag #bloggerreflections on Instagram to talk about blogging issues so feel free to use it so we can start discussions on social media too.

xo Cristina


  1. I so agree with everything you said. Fast fashion is terrible! So important to shop local and handmade. Fashion can come at a cost!



  2. I completely agree with you here! Being a fashion blogger, I want to avoid falling in the fast fashion cycle, this is the sole reason I avoided shopping during sale (discount) season as it made me realize I bought ton of clothes I don't need only cos' it's dirt cheap.

    Makeup, Style and Sugar

  3. Also, if possible can you email me the name of that documentary? Would love to watch it :)


  4. Great post) Have a nice weekend)

  5. I love these kinds of posts, Cristina! And I do believe things like purchasing from local and handmade places are making their rounds more these days. I can only guess it's from more exposure and bringing people more awareness through the internet and documentaries, whether they're on Netflix or whatever. It's a good thing! And so good to be aware so we can make smarter decisions in the future. Great post! Happy weekend, doll! :)


  6. What's the name of the documentary? Sounds really interesting!

    XO Kylen | Kylen Every Wear

  7. Great post- so insightful!

    Ektaa xo

  8. That documentary sounds so interesting, I would love to watch it

  9. Hi Kylen! The documentary was made in Spain I don't think it's available anywhere else. Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. Hi Ankita! It was a Spanish documentary that I watched on TV, it's only broadcast nationally.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  11. I buy a lot, because it makes me happy when I'm in the store. But when I come back home, the new item just finish in a huge sea of other clothes and I forget about it. I started thinking to change this habit a few months ago. I want to invest my money in garments that last, in shoes and bags that i'm gonna wear hundred and hundred of times rather that a skirt that I will forget about after two times. xx

  12. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I hope you manage to keep your resolution :)


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