Happy New Year!

January 2, 2017

Happy New Year, guys! I hope you had a wonderful start of 2017. Here I am on the first Monday of the year reflecting about the past one. Every year has its ups and downs but all of them are special in their own way. So many life lessons are learnt through 365 days. Even if there are moments you wish had never happened, they are still experiences that make you grow as a human being. At the end of the day life is an obstacle race, isn't it?

Everybody is talking about New Year's Resolutions today but if you follow the blog you know that I talk about mine on my birthday instead of the end of the year. However, I still see the 1st of January as an opportunity for a fresh start and to keep improving as a person, you know my motto "strive for better".

new years eve sequined skirt fashion outfit

Today I also wanted to show you my New Year's Eve outfit. I chose something classy: a simple bow top and a sequined skirt. The photos were taken at Hotel Eurostars Conquistador in Cordoba. I've got so many pictures from the trip to Cordoba to show you, the city is paradise for architecture and history lovers.

new years eve sequined skirt fashion outfit

Last but not least I want to thank you, my dear readers, for your love and support through 2016. Your support makes the hard work behind this blog seem a little less so. One of my favorite things about blogging is the wonderful people I meet from all around the world. Even though we haven't met in person I feel that we're creating strong friendships. I do hope we can meet some day.

How did you spend New Year's Eve? What lessons did you learn in 2016?

Skirt c/o SheIn
Rugby Ralph Lauren bow top
Unisa shoes
Tous jewelry

xo Cristina


  1. FELIZ 2017 , CRISTINA !! . Gracias al blog he tenido la suerte de conocer a personas como tú que aman tanto la Moda como yo y eso resulta muy estimulante porque sientes que no estás sola en esto ; no nos conocemos físicamente pero ya hay creado un vínculo de empatía muy bonito que hace que visite tu blog cada semana para charlar al menos de esta forma . Te deseo un 2017 maravilloso , que sigas inspirándonos con tus looks y mi reflexión sobre el año que ha quedado atrás es muy positiva , he evolucionado un poco más ( mi hermana dice que ha alcanzado la madurez absoluta ...Jajajaj ) , me siento más generosa conmigo misma ... algo que antes me costaba ..., he conectado con personas con mis mismas aficiones y todo eso me ha valido para llegar al 2017 con mucha fuerza y con ganas de que cada proyecto profesional o personal que tengo en mente se logre .
    Besitos guapísima y a ti te deseo lo mismo ,que se cumplan tus propósitos .

  2. LOVE this outfit! You are so gorgeous my friend! I spent this new years eve watching movies with my family and drinking wine :) 2016 taught me to live in the moment, that I can't live life through my camera lense/phone and it's so nice to disconnect!
    I hope you have a great 2017!
    x Kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

  3. Happy New Year to you too! :)
    Love that skirt btw!

  4. New year start has some sort of magic to start something different and something new , i love that feeling! xx


  5. Наталья БелогловскаяJanuary 2, 2017 at 9:04 PM

    You look great! Happy 2017)

  6. What a great idea to do your resolutions on your birthday! I had never thought of that.
    Katie Actually

  7. Happy New Year, Cristina! That's such a beautiful outfit :)
    Haha, I think in 2016, I learned just how fragile life is... so many deaths! Not exactly sure what 2017 will bring but it's always exciting to see what's to come. Enjoy the rest of your holiday :)


  8. What a cute skirt, I love it with that bow top!
    Happy New Year

  9. I love the idea of setting goals on your birthday instead of new years. I also lovvvvvve the skirt!!

    xx, Pia

  10. Happy new year and all the best...

  11. Happy New Year! I wish you the absolute best for 2017. That skirt is gorgeous x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

  12. Happy new year! Love that sparkly skirt.


  13. Happy New year ! Nice look


  14. Perfect amount of sparkle...! Hope you had a wonderful New Year xx

    Denton & Lou

  15. As usual very interesting post) Thanks a lot for sharing)

  16. Gracias, guapa. Eres un cielo :)

  17. Love that skirt! xx



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