Fruity Romper / Being a Perfectionist

April 24, 2017
fuit romper des petits hauts mango cropped blazer fashion blogger spring outfit
I'm a perfectionist. In psychology, perfectionism is a personality trait characterized by “a person’s striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high performance standards, accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others' evaluations.”

In a sense, perfectionism can be a positive trait. You value hard work and things done properly but it can become something negative when you obsess over perfection. Based on this article I've put together 8 signs that show you are a perfectionist:

  • You don't allow any mistakes
  • You are too hard on yourself 
  • Your standards are extremely high
  • You spot mistakes where others don't see any. Sometimes those mistakes are real, however there can be times when they are a figment of the imagination.
  • You procrastinate, not because you are lazy but because you have to do things at the "right" moment
  • You find it hard to work with people because you want things done in a certain way
  • When you don't achieve your goals, you believe it's all your fault and get depressed
  • You keep thinking you can do better and therefore you are never 100% satisfied with your work

I can relate to each and every one of those signs, how about you?
Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to dial down my perfectionism, especially when it becomes an obsession. But just like anything involving a change in the human psyche, I believe that to be extremely hard. Plus, I'm a passionate person and I like to give my best in everything I do. That gives me really hard times, sure, but the satisfaction of work well done makes it worth it.

Are you born a perfectionist or do you become one? In my case it's probably a combination of the two. My parents are perfectionists -that means it is in my genes- and have brought me up to do my best in every single aspect of life.
fuit romper des petits hauts mango cropped blazer fashion blogger spring outfit
Believe it or not, this little essay about perfectionism is related to this outfit. I was so excited about showing you this romper that I couldn't wait to style it properly. You may think this styling is enough but I'm not satisfied with it (that's 100% sign #8 and numbers #3 and #4 to some extent). I'm still on the hunt of accessories. I'm thinking of either these sandals with fruits on the upper strap which are also from Des Petits Hauts or these red Castaner espadrilles. I'm also looking for red drop earrings and a wicker bag.

You see, I don't normally buy the first thing I see. I look and look until I find the perfect thing, that's why it takes me a while to complete my outfits. Because apart from being a perfectionist I am a person of "extremes", either I like something a lot, or I don't like it at all. There's nothing in between for me. So I'm hoping that by summer time I will be satisfied with my outfit.
fuit romper des petits hauts fashion blogger spring outfit
I keep saying that rompers are not practical, especially when you have to use a public bathroom but I keep buying them...The thing is that just like dresses they dress you up instantly and they come in the prettiest prints. This fuchsia romper and this denim one are still among my favorite pieces in my closet. Are you a fan of rompers?
I'd love to read your thoughts on perfectionism, so don't hesitate to leave a comment below.
xo Cristina

Des Petits Hauts romper
Mango blazer (US/Spain)
Mr Boho sunglasses (similar under $70)


English Corner
personality trait - a quality of one's personal nature (rasgo de personalidad)
to strive for - fight for
figment of the imagination - producto de la imaginación
procrastinate - potspone
dial down - reduce
bring someone up - educate


  1. Interesting read Cristina! I think you styled the playsuit wonderfully with the red blazer! I wouldn't say I am a perfectionist ... I am the kind of person who gets to 90% and is happy with their work (which is probably not a good thing haha!) Regardless, I am probably a perfectionist when it comes to my blog but maybe that's because I love doing it so much!

    Have a Stylin' Day!

    Much Love, Karen

    [Style Smorgasbord] [bloglovin']

  2. Great post I can really relate to your words and I love the romper!

    Have a lovely day!
    Gemma x

  3. Omg Cristina! I didn't realize I was a perfectionist myself until I read all those points! I was also able to relate to every single one of them (who knew?)
    I gotta say: that is absolutely the most adorable romper ever! Perfect for summer coming up. And I hear ya: when you gotta use the washroom, rompers can be a bit of a nuisance. But I also think they're great because, hey - if it's a windy day, you don't have to worry about constantly pulling down on a dress or skirt, right? ;)

    Have a good one! :)

  4. Living on Cloud NineApril 24, 2017 at 9:06 PM

    100% me to a T! Sometimes the perfectionism and type a personality can get me really uptight but in the long run I think I'm actually glad I'm a perfectionist. Of course it has it's drawback's but I think it makes me feel good to get things just right if you know what I mean. And let me tell you, this romper is pretty fantastic on you! Just darling as can be. I love the color mix! You look beautiful!

  5. Belén Arce JáñezApril 25, 2017 at 12:54 PM

    Me encanta el vestido, un estampado súper divertido y original!!!


    Besos y que tengas un buen día

  6. I always thought I was a perfectionist, but definitely not in my clothing! I'll buy things that aren't perfect and then try to figure out how to make them perfect. Which ends up in a lot of fails---ugh!

  7. Such a fun Spring outfit!

    xx, Itzy l Instagram

  8. Hi Jodie! They aren't perfect in what way? Because they don't fit or that they are difficult to style?

  9. Gracias, guapa! Feliz día para tí también

  10. Thanks for joining the discussion! I'm glad I'm a perfectionist too :)
    You are really sweet, Andrea. I'm glad you like the romper

  11. Probably both. I know I just decided to give away a shift dress that did nothing for my figure---I know I bought it because it was only $15! Silly.
    And then I buy things without really thinking about how they will fit in my closet and with my other clothes. Although, this is more of a fun challenge to me. However it still comes with some regrets....

  12. Welcome to the club, Lor ;)
    You make such a good point about windy days, I hadn't thought of that!

  13. Thanks a lot, Gemma! You too, have a wonderful day.

  14. Well, 90% is pretty good, Karen! I agree, we tend to put even more effort on our work when we do something we love.

  15. Well, you could always have them tailored, I know it's more money but maybe you could save some of those pieces.

    I have to say I've done that sometimes too. I've fallen in love with a garment that wasn't the most flattering thing and ended up given them away. Now, I try to be a smarter shopper but I know I'll still make mistakes every once in a while.

  16. I definitely identify! I had to go part-time a few years ago because I was spending way too much of my time on my job. Then after I was part-time I started my blog! Lol...then there was something else to perfect!'s a growth process. This romper is so cute though, even if it doesn't have the red drop earrings or the wicker bag!

    More to Mrs. E

  17. I am a recovering perfectionist! Haha! I've learn to let go of things and not everything can be perfect. I do enjoy the drive I have but it was taking me down a path of feeling inadequate. And that got super heavy.....I love your look and the accessories!

  18. I procrastinate so hard, and I blame it on being a perfectionist! I've been trying to force myself to start things whether or not I feel prepared, because otherwise, I might never get around to doing it! // I love rompers, but I agree with how troublesome going to the bathroom can be. I used to have one romper but now I don't have any! I love the sandals you paired with your outfit :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  19. I'm totally obsesses with rompes and jumpsuits (like you may notice if you see my last posts) and you're right the bathroom problem is real!!
    The Color Palette

  20. That romper is absolutely darling! I just love the fun fruit print! I completely understand where you are coming from, too. I am a perfectionist and can't rest until everything is just so. It makes me crazy (and my husband too) sometimes!

  21. Beautiful romper and it looks great on you! I still haven't found the perfect romper for me, but I will just have to keep on searching!

    Thanks for linking up

  22. I'm not a full blown perfectionist. I have some traits of it, but often I miss tiny details! In some ways, I wish I was a little more of a perfectionist so I could pick up on little things! I love your romper personally and think you styled it perfectly here!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  23. beautiful romper!! love the print!!!

  24. I must say I definitely find myself to being a perfectionist at times =o) But I've learned to let certain things go and simply get the job done =o)
    Love your colorful outfit! =o)

  25. I tend to be a perfectionist to the point where if things aren't done a certain way it REALLY bothers me - to a new level! I don't think that there is anything wrong with that though, I think it's good to always strive for the best!

    I love your romper, so fun!


  26. What a fun romper!

  27. What a cool romper and ... I can totally relate to this post about perfectionism. Happens I said yes to most of the traits here... I have to admit as of lately I have been trying not to be so much.

  28. I'm a perfectionist too, which can be difficult sometimes, especially at work. What an adorable romper! I wish I could wear them, but they are always too short for me. Thanks for linking up with Fabulous Friday!

  29. In some aspects I can be a perfectionist but in others i get lazy and don't care. It's definitely a case by case lol.

    Anyway, your fruit dress is super cute! I love that print!

  30. I'm a perfectionist and while I think it's a good trait to have, it drives my family crazy sometimes! Your romper is super cute! Love the print!

    Doused In Pink

  31. That is fun romper! That is such a great summer-y print!

    Jessica |

  32. Love the romper and I relate to all eight of these things. It really drives me nuts some days but other days I love that I have drive and ambition :)

    Sammy | XX

  33. I can be a perfectionist in certain aspects of my life, but luckily not across the board. Too stressful! Love this romper! Absolutely adorable.

    xx, Elise

  34. Cute romper! love the post.

    xo Jamie

  35. I loved reading about why you are a perfectionist. But, Cristina I am in love with that fruity romper. So fun, girly, bright and cute! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo, too. =)

    As a matter of fact I featured this outfit (here because I loved it so much. Check it out and don't forget to linkup again this week with my Thursday Moda linkup (below).

    Thanks and enjoy the weekend! Ada =)

  36. That little romper is TOO cute! I used to be a perfectionist but as I hit my late 20s I found myself "letting go" and relaxing a lot more! :)

  37. Yep - I'm a perfectionist too! You look glorious in that fruity romper - and can I just say - the sandals go PERFECTLY with it! ;O) xx Maria | Passion fruit, Paws and peonies

  38. This is such a fun post! And your romper is adorable! Did you ever finish styling it?

  39. Yes, I did! I still love it like the first day


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