May 15, 2022
Costa Nova: The most instagrammable place in Portugal

Costa Nova: The most instagrammable place in Portugal

May 15, 2022

costa nova beach house stripe aveiro coast portugal

Costa Nova beach in Aveiro is Instagram's most popular photo spot in Portugal. The charming colorful striped houses on the seafront are a feast to the eyes and make every single photography picture perfect. This unique pohotogenic setting will surely make you smile. It's impossible to be unhappy here!

These little houses were originally shelters and storage places for fishermen, but nowadays many have been converted to living spaces, shops, inns and restaurants. You can even rent some of them on AirBnB!

costa nova beach aveiro portugal coast stripe house

costa nova beach aveiro portugal coast stripe house

So is Praia da Costa Nova worth visiting? Let's take a look at intagrammer's number one place to take dreamy shots in Portugal.

Even though the place is charming, don't be fooled by the quiet looking pictures of Costa Nova. When the weather is nice -and especially during the summer- the place is packed with tourists. If you want to have the place to yourself, better visit Costa Nova at sunrise or during the first hours of the day. Although sunsets can be magical here!

costa nova beach aveiro portugal coast stripe house

Restaurants in Costa Nova get really busy as well so if you are planning to eat there, be sure to book in advance. We had lunch at Canastra do Fidalgo -which was recommended on several sites- unfortunately we didn't have a very good experience. Service was terribly slow and fish was overcooked -and overpriced! There are many reastaurants on the seafront so you won't run out of options.

costa nova portugal restaurant food

Apart from the lovely houses, the beach at Costa Nova is spectacular. This long sandy shoreline is perfect for a walk with a gelato in hand -word has it that Rimini is the most popular ice-cream parlour in town-, sunbathing, or relaxing with a good book. Also, don't forget to explore the nearby dunes and Barra lighthouse! Last but not least, Costa Nova Beach is popular with surfers and windsurfers because waves can get quite big at times.

barra lighthouse aveiro beach portugal

So if you are in Aveiro, be sure to stop by the charming -and highly instagrammeable- Costa Nova beach. It's a special and unique place you won't forget from your trip to Portugal.

Would you like to visit Costa Nova?

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costa nova beach aveiro portugal coast stripe house

My travel essentials for Praia da Costa Nova

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costa nova houses aveiro portugal beach coast center

May 10, 2022
Top things to do in Aveiro, Portugal

Top things to do in Aveiro, Portugal

May 10, 2022

aveiro moliceiro portugal canal sunset

Aveiro, also known as the Venice of Portugal, is a picturesque town in the centre of the country. It's astonishing the high number of things to do in Aveiro considering it's such a small city. From riding along the canals by boat to admiring the Art Nouveau architecture, there's no way you can be bored in Aveiro. 

Even though Lisbon and Porto are the most visited cities in this country, Aveiro deserves your attention as well. Friendly people, beautiful sights and amazing food make it worth stopping by. Let's take a look at the top things to do in Aveiro, Portugal.

Things to do in Aveiro: moliceiro boat ride

The best way to see the town and learn about it's history is by taking a moliceiro tour. Moliceiros are boats that look pretty much like venetian gondolas. They are decorated with religious images on one side and racy ones on the other -quite a contrast, right?- the tour is about 45' and goes through the city canals. It costs about 13€ per person. 

aveiro moliceiro boat ride

Things to do in Aveiro: Art Nouveau architecture

Aveiro's Art Nouveau heritage is impressive. In fact, there's even a museum devoted to it (with a cute tea house on the ground floor!). Ornate exteriors, colorful flourishes, iron and glass work make Art Nouveau buildings unmistakable. Art Nouveau style was imported into Aveiro by a conservative bourgeoisie and wealthy emigrants to Brazil who, upon returning to Portugal, wished to publicly express their social and economical power. 

One particular characteristic of portuguese Art Nouveau is the use of tiles. Tiles were common in traditional portuguese construction because they were affordable to the general public. In Aveiro, the use of tiles also provided waterproofing and enabled the embellishment of houses built in adobe.

The best way to find these beautiful houses is to wander the streets of Aveiro. Get lost among gorgeous buildings covered in colorful tiles. A feast to the eyes for sure!

aveiro art nouveau canal ria architecture sunset

Things to do in Aveiro: eat your way through the city

Being a touristic town, the eating options in Aveiro are endless. Let's take a look at the best restaurants in Aveiro. 

Portugal is famous for its cod on one side and sweets on the other. Citizens of Aveiro are particularly proud of their most famous sweet: ovos moles. This bite size treat consists of sweetened egg yolk covered by a waffer. Ovos moles are everywhere in Aveiro to the point of having their own dedicated statues.

Our favorite restaurant in Aveiro was O Bairro. It pays tribute to the fishermen neighborhood's life and its main characters. What makes this restaurant special is that no dish is ordinary. That take good care of the presentation, making each dish look like a work of art.

o bairro aveiro restaurant

One of Aveiro's top restaurants on TripAdvisor is Musgo, a small vegetarian eatery located in an alley near the fish market -Mercado do Peixe- square.

aveiro vegan restaurant musgo food

If you love a good pizza and quick bites, Clandestino by Salpoente is the place to go. The doughs of their pizzas and quesadillas are delicious!

Things to do in Aveiro: let's go to the beach

Averiro has two main beaches: Barra and the Instagram famous Costa Nova.

The beautiful sandy Barra beach ends in a wonderfully preserved lighthouse. Rising majestically over the sea, this is the tallest lighthouse in Portugal and one of the tallest in Europe.

Costa Nova is famous for its colorful stripped houses that attract thousands of tourist every year. No doubt it's the most instagrammable spot in Aveiro. Colorful vertical stripes decorate all of the cottages, or haystacks, that line the beach. They originally were storage places for local fishermen, but many have been converted to living spaces. You can even find some available to rent on AirBnB.

costa nova red stripped house aveiro portugal

costa nova red stripped house aveiro portugal

costa nova red stripped house aveiro portugal

Things to do in Aveiro: shopping spree

Delicious treats and craftsmanship -ceramics especially- are the best things to buy in Aveiro. 

Alma de Alecrim and  Cais a Porta are concept stores where you can find design objects and ceramics made in Portugal.

Cesar's basket store opposite Igreja da Vera Cruz -Vera Cruz church-. A store with no name with a very friendly salesman.

Confiteria Peixinho. The oldest bakery in Aveiro which sells the best ovos moles

Forum, a large open shopping mall, located in the heart of the Ria de Aveiro. 

cais a porta shop craftsmanship aveiro portugal

aveiro confiteria peixinho ovo mole portugal

aveiro shop cod fish

Things to do in Aveiro: seal your love with a ribbon

Couples profess their love in Aveiro by tying ribbons on the bridge railings. It's an environmentally friendly -as well as much more colorful and pretty!- alternative to locks used in cities like Paris.

aveiro bridge ribbon love canal ria

Things to do in Aveiro: day trips

On our roadtrip from Madrid to Aveiro, we stopped at Parador Casa Da Insua for lunch. It's the only Parador hotel outside of Spain and it's worth visiting. This hotel is an 18th-century baroque style manor house with romantic gardens, architecture and interior décor.

parador hotel portugal casa insua

Coimbra houses the oldest university in Portugal. In this rich ensemble of buildings is one of the finest libraries you’ll ever set foot in, Biblioteca Joanina. Apart from the university, Coimbra boasts a lively atmosphere and plenty of attractions. 

coimbra biblioteca joanina university

Vista Alegre is the home of some of the finest porcelain in the world. The Vista Alegre factory is located just outside of the city of Aveiro in Ílhavo. You can visit the museum which shows the creations of Vista Alegre over the decades as well as the manufacturing process. The museum ticket also includes entrance to the Nossa Senhora da Penha de França chapel, an impressive building that houses 17th century tiles, marble altarpieces, gilded woodcarvings, and domes decorated with beautiful frescos. Don't forget to pop in the store before you go, they sell the cutest teacups and dishes! 

Vista Alegre also opened its own five-star hotel, Montebelo Vista Alegre. Each floor has a different theme and each room is decorated with handmade porcelain. 

vista alegre ilhavo aveiro museum portugal

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February 20, 2022
The most unique things to buy in Copenhagen

The most unique things to buy in Copenhagen

February 20, 2022

lego store tivoli copenhagen
Copenhagen is an amazing place for shopping. Stylish designs and the high quality of their products are some of the reasons but there's much more! Probably, the most famous things to buy in Denmark are decor and household items. You can actually find craftsmanship, decor stores and art galleries on every corner.

If you travel to Copenhagen, be sure to devote some time to shopping. You can't leave without a proper shopping spree! Whether you are looking for the best Danish gifts for family and friends, souvenirs or unique Danish designs to decorate your home, I've got you covered.

copenhagen nyhavn souvenir

stroget royal porcelain fountain copenhagen

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Shopping in Copenhagen: useful info

  • The main shopping street in Copenhagen is Stroget. The longest pedestrian street in Europe is full of fashion and decor shops. From world famous brands to Denmark designers, you can find anything you need here.
  • Located right off  Stroget, Pistolstræde is a unique passageway with intricate rooftops and typical Danish constructions.
  • If you are looking for second hand bookshops, take a walk around Filostraede
  • Sales tax is called MOMS and is 25%

So what products is Denmark famous for? Let's take a look at the best things to bring back from your trip to Copenhagen.

pistolstraede copenhagen shopping

pistolstraede copenhagen shopping

What to buy in Copenhagen: home decor

With a focus on craftsmanship, materials and clean lines, Nordic design has achieved an amazing popularity since the 1950's and will never go out of style. Taking home decor items is a wonderful idea. Some of the most famous decor shops in Copenhagen are:

Hay is a furniture and decoration Scandinavian design shop. Their success lies in bringing well constructed, high quality and affordable design to the marketplace. Check out their colorful candles and plates below.

Illum is considered Scandinavia´s most spectacular luxury department store offering everything from fashion and beauty to home décor. Once you're tired of shopping, check out their spectacular rooftop cafe.

Bodum aims to bring high quality coffee and tea household accessories to everyone. They create great designs at affordable prices while keeping an eye on sustainability.

Danish porcelain is one of the most traditional gifts in Copenhagen. Juliane Marie was known as a modern queen and a strong supporter Denmark. Back in the 18th century, it was the task of the reigning monarch to safeguard the country’s economic health with the development of domestic products and services. So she founded the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory in 1775. Don't leave Copenhagen without taking a look at their exquisite designs and unbeatable quality.

Danish glass. In Denmark you can find glass of the highest quality. Each piece of mouth-blown glass is unique and hand-made by the glass blower, who carefully blows the right amount of air through the narrow tube. This is why air bubbles in the glass are unavoidable, adding to the charm of mouth-blown glass.

Similar to Illum, at Magasin du Nord -an impressive department store- you can find anything you need. It is instantly recognizable in Kongens Nytorv: a large Victorian building with all imaginable shops and cafes where you can relax in a setting that is more than 100 years old. We could say that the Magasin du Nord is to Denmark what Harrods is to London or Bloomingdales to New York. 

If you like home decor, I'm sure you've stumbled upon Kay Bojesen's designs at some point. Kay Bojensen was a Danish silversmith and designer. He is best known for creating wooden animals, especially his wooden monkey which was exhibited at the Victoria and Albert museum in London in the nineteen-fifties, and which today is considered a design classic.

hay house store copenhagen nordic design decor

hay house store copenhagen nordic design decor

hay house store copenhagen nordic design decor
Last but not least, the cute store at the Botanical Gardens -botanisk have- is a must for garden and vintage lovers alike. Located in a small red-brick building at the entrance, this shop offers a seasonal selection of plants, flowers and seeds. If you are looking for a gift, the shop can offer a variety of inspirational items such as the tasty Bybi ('city bee') honey, luxurious cream and oils, beautiful cards, posters, and calendars with botanical design, a wide selection of plant literature – and much more.
botanisk have shop botanical garden copenhagen

botanisk have shop botanical garden copenhagen

botanisk have shop botanical garden copenhagen

What to buy in Copenhagen: technology

Bang & Olufsen is a Danish high-end consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures audio products, television sets, and telephones.

What to buy in Copenhagen: toys

Did you know that Legos are from Denmark? The most amazing Lego stores await you in Copenhagen. There's one located in the main shopping street, Stroget and another one at the entrance of Tivoli Gardens.

Here are some fun facts of the brand:

  • The name ‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of the two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”. 
  • The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. The company has passed from father to son and is now owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a grandchild of the founder.
  • The LEGO brick is their most important product. It has been named “Toy of the Century” twice.

lego store copenhagen

lego store copenhagen

What to buy in Copenhagen: jewelry

There's nothing better than a gift that lasts forever to remember your trip, right? If you are looking into buying a piece of jewelry to remeber your trip to Copenhagen, you should remember these two names: Georg Jensen and Janina Smykker.

For a more affordable option, Pandora is the way to go. The world famous jewelry manufacturer and retailer was founded in 1982 in Denmark. In Copenhagen you can find exclusive charm designs featuring some of the city's most famous landmarks.

I hope you enjoyed this shopping guide to Copenhagen. Which shop would you like to check out first? Let me know in the comments below!


This map will help you plan your visit to Copenhagen. It includes all the sites to see, cozy cafes, wonderful restaurants and best shops for a shopping spree. To take this map with you simply click on the star next to the name.


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January 22, 2022
What to eat in Copenhagen

What to eat in Copenhagen

January 22, 2022

herring smorrebrod copenhagen denmarkDanish cuisine may not be famous around the world, however you can still have the best food you've ever tasted in Copenhagen. There's a wide variety of restaurants and food markets in the capital of Denmark serving everything from elegant cuisine to traditional homemade food. So if you are planning a trip and are wondering exactly what and where to eat in Copenhagen, read the following food guide to find out what dishes and at which restaurants you simply must eat in Copenhagen!

Check out some of Copenhageners’ favourite dishes.

What to eat in Copenhagen: organic breakfast

Denmark has the highest market share of organic products in the world. And the market is growing, with dairy products, eggs, oatmeal, wheat flour, carrots, and bananas as the most popular items on the shopping list of Danish organic consumers.

Sankt Annae hotel -where we stayed during our trip- serves an organic breakfast buffet every morning. It's the best breakfast we've had at a hotel outside of Spain. The variety and quality of the products are impressive.

organic breakfast hotel sankt annae copenhagen denmark

organic breakfast hotel sankt annae copenhagen denmark

GRØD cafe serves the most delicious healthy food. Be sure to try their porridge for breakfast or buy a bag to make your own at home.

grod brunch healthy food copenhagen

grod brunch healthy food copenhagen

What to eat in Copenhagen: the best American food

Burgers, hot dogs, lobster rolls, milkshakes, you name it!

Gasoline Grill is the most famous burger joint in Copenhagen. The burgers are juicy and yummy, simply delicious. There are several outlets across Copenhagen but if you still miss your chance to try their incredible burgers, there's another one at the airport to indulge your burger cravings before you leave.

Hard Rock Cafe serves traditional American food. Be sure to try their nachos and burgers.

Just like burgers, when you think hot-dogs, Denmark is not the first country that comes to mind. However, they can be found in many of the market stalls or even in the central district of Copenhagen. These hot-dogs are nothing like what you are used to. These are gourmet hot-dogs like the ones by John's Hotdog Deli. They are a fabulous cheap eat in Copenhagen!

hard rock burger copenhagen

lobster roll hotel sankt annae club copenhagen

milkshake copenhagen cocoa hot cream

What to eat in Copenhagen: smørrebrød

Smørrebrød is one of Denmark’s dishes that you have to try. Usually consisting of rye bread and various toppings such as fish, cold cut’s and vegetables, it’s the perfect meal to try in the city!

copenhagen smorrebrod

What to eat in Copenhagen: seafood and herring

Seafood and herring are extraordinary in Denmark. So if this is something you like, go for it! Pickled herring is usually served with capers, raw onion, and a sprig of dill on top of rye bread and eat as an open sandwich (the aforementioned smørrebrød).

herring smorrebrod copenhagen denmark

What to eat in Copenhagen: Danish cookies

Danish sweets are world famous but they are even better in Denmark. Marchal at hotel D'Angleterre serves the best Danish cookies, be sure to order their etagere to enjoy their scrumptious assorted biscuits and cookies.

danish cookies etagere cookie hightea marchal hotel d'angleterre copenhagen denmark

Where to eat in Copenhagen: the best affordable food at street markets

There are several amazing street food markets to visit in Copenhagen. Each of which will ensure that you never run out of delicious opportunities to fill your tummy.

Reffen is the perfect place to visit as this is where locals and visitors spend their evenings in the city. Head to one of the many unique stalls that sell everything from steaks to Asian food.

If you are buying from market stalls you may need to head to the ATM and get yourself some Danish Krone. Although many places accept credit cards, a few don’t.

On the other hand, Torvehallerne Market is the perfect place to enjoy a weekend brunch or even buy some of the freshest seasonal ingredients to cook at home. Wander through the stalls to discover the high-quality products that this market offers. They won't be cheap, but totally worth it.

torvehallerne food street market copenhagen christmas denmark

copenhagen torvehallerne street food market

copenhagen torvehallerne street food market

fresh organic produce food copenhagen denmark

Where to eat in Copenhagen: best traditional food

Kastellet restaurant is a lovely place to enjoy traditional Danish dishes. Located close to the landmark with the same name, this place makes you feel like you are in the comfort of your own home.

There are plenty of restaurants serving traditional food in Nyhavn, the most famous waterfront in Copenhagen. However, these tend to be rather pricey because of the location. It's better to wander around nearby streets to find some hidden culinary gems.

danish typical dish food meat kastellet copenhagen restaurant

danish typical dish food meat kastellet copenhagen restaurant

Where to eat in Copenhagen: the coziest cafes

Last but not least, your Copenhagen trip won't be complete untile you experience the hygge lifestyle at one of the many cozy cafes in the capital of Denmark. For coffee with a view go to the rooftop at Illum department stores. Other amazing coffee places are Coffee Collective, Hart Bageri or Andersen & Maillard. You can find these and more on the map below.

illum rooftop cafe cozy hygge copenhagen

copenhagen street cafe

I hope you enjoyed this post about where and what to eat while in Copenhagen. Which of these typical Danish dishes would you like to try the most?

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This map will help you plan your visit to Copenhagen. It includes all the sites to see, cozy cafes, wonderful restaurants and best shops for a shopping spree. To take this map with you simply click on the star next to the name.

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