September 17, 2022
Ca's Patro March, Mallorca. What to know before you go

Ca's Patro March, Mallorca. What to know before you go

September 17, 2022

cas patro march restaurant mallorca spain

Ca's Patro March is one of Mallorca's most popular restaurants. The place became increasingly popular after being featured on the TV show "The Night Manager" and getting a table has become mission impossible since. Many celebrities including Beyonce have been spotted in this unique restaurant which has increased this Spanish restaurant's popularity.

Because this is a one-of-a-kind restaurant, your experience from the moment you book to getting there will be different from anything you've ever done before. That's why today I'm sharing everything you need to know before planning your trip to Ca's Patro March.

Located in the rocky beach with crystal clear waters of Cala Deiá, just about 3km from the charming village of Deia surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains, Ca's Patro March has beautiful views of this secluded cove with turquoise waters and offers a wide variety of high quality fresh fish and seafood dishes. Needless to say, Ca's Patro March is a highly instagrammable place.

The restaurant is actually quite simple, without great luxuries, but with that Mediterranean touch that makes it very authentic and unique. 

Ok, so how do you make sure you get one of those coveted tables? 

cas patro march restaurant mallorca spain

cas patro march restaurant mallorca spain dessert coffee

Ca's Patro March: How to book a table

You can only book a table 15 days in advance and since tha place is small, it fills up quickly. We went in August (peak season goes from July through September) and had to go on their website at midnight (Spain's time) two weeks before the day we wanted to go. 10 minutes later there were no tables available!

When you make your reservation, you will be asked for a deposit that will only be charged in case of no-show.

Book your table here

Ca's Patro March: Location

As I mentioned before, the cove is secluded so getting there is tricky. Also worth mentioning is the fact that you won't find a regular beach there. There's no sand, only big rocks, sitting space is limited -and laying down impossible. It's still worth taking a swim in the turquoise waters. Water shoes are highly recommended. Also, bring your goggles to see the fish swimming around you!

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Ca's Patro March: Getting there 

  • by car: parking is very limited. In fact, when you get there, you'll see the access closed. There's a guard there. You have to tell him you've got restaurant reservations and he'll let you drive down. The road is not an easy one, it's full of hairpin turns and looks like it should only be for one car, so take a deep breath if you are not the most confident driver.
  • on foot: you can walk from Deia, it's about 3k. The way there is not too bad as it's downhill. However, bear in mind that you'll have to do the same uphill on the way back. Getting there will take you around 30-40 minutes so start your hike with plenty of time.
  • by boat: most celebrities get there by boat. A small motorboat takes them from their yatch to a little dock that has direct access to the restaurant.

Ca's Patro March: Parking

As mentioned before, parking is limited, so get there with plenty of time because you may have to wait for a spot. However, since this is not a spend-the-whole-day beach, there's people always coming in and out.

Parking is not free. There's a parking meter.

Ca's Patro March: No credit cards accepted

Cell coverage is limited here so the place only accepts cash. Also, you'll have to wait to post your insanely beautiful photos and videos on social media!

Important: you'll see that on the menu some of the prices are per kg, so ask your waiter to give you an estimate so you know how much you are going to be charged in the end.

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cala deia turquoise water mallorca spain

So is eating at Ca's Patro March worth it? Well, it may look like a bit of a hustle but for us it was an unforgettable experience during our trip to Mallorca.

I hope this post will help you plan your trip to Ca's Patro March in Mallorca. Got more questions? Leave them on the comment section below!

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cas patro march restaurant mallorca spain