December 19, 2021
Top Things to Do in Madrid at Christmas

Top Things to Do in Madrid at Christmas

December 19, 2021
Christmas in Madrid

Madrid is a magical place to spend the holidays. With the most beautiful Christmas lights, cute little markets, holiday decorated coffe shops, musicals and one of a kind traditions, there's no shortage of amazing things to do in Madrid. If you’re not sure what to do this holiday season, these things will surely make you want to pack your bags, book your ticket, and jet off to the city.

Here are my top things to do to in Madrid at Christmas!

Things to Do in Madrid at Christmas: LIGHTS

Naviluz Christmas Bus: Tour the city centre and enjoy the Christmas lights on board an open-top festive bus from November 26 2021 to 6 January 2022. Tickets may only be purchased from the official website.

Cortilandia: El Corte Inglés department store (it's similar to Bloomingdale's or Macy's) has been delighting children -and adults- with a wonderful show on the façade of its building on Calle Maestro Victoria (next to Preciados). The 15-minute show, which takes place various times a day, features gigantic puppets singing Christmas carols and songs.

Naturaleza Encendida at Jardin Botanico. Held at the Royal Botanical Garden from 2 November to 16 January, it is a light experience like no other. A total of 15 kilometres of led lights will turn the space into a surreal and special Atlantic Ocean, full of sea creatures that appear to be swimming throughout the route. Buy ticketshere.

Christmas decorations at the Four Seasons Hotel. Since the opening of this luxury hotel a few years ago, the magnificent Christmas tree on its facade has become one of the biggest holiday attractions in Madrid.

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Four Seasons MadridRiu Plaza España
Christmas in Madrid

Things to Do in Madrid at Christmas: ICE SKATING

Madrid has installed outdoor ice skating rinks in several squares across the center. All of them open early in the morning (usually around 10:00) and close late (between 10pm and midnight). The most famous ones are in Plaza Colon, Plaza España, Matadero or Cibeles Palace.

Things to Do in Madrid at Christmas: HOT CHOCOLATE

A cup of hot chocolate is mandatory when visiting a Spanish city during winter time. Don't miss San Gines or Valor to dip your churros in a hot chocolate. Yum! 
Hot chocolate

Things to Do in Madrid at Christmas: CHRISTMASY COFFEE SHOPS

Salon des Fleurs, Cafe de Oriente and Living in London are my favorite coffee and tea shops during the holiday season. Apart from the high quality of the products they serve, their ornaments and decor are jaw-dropping. These cozy places create the perfect Christmas atmosphare that make it really difficult to leave when it's cold outside.

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Salon des Fleurs

Living in London, Madrid

Cafe de Oriente

Things to Do in Madrid at Christmas: CHRISTMAS MARKETS

The most famous and popular is the one located at Plaza Mayor and attracts thousands of visitors every year. If you want to get a unique Christmas souvenir, you can buy your own Belén. The nativity scene or Belén (Spanish for Bethlehem) has special significance in Spain. Every family has its own and it's a big tradition to set it up together.

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Nativity scene

Christmas market in Madrid

Things to Do in Madrid at Christmas: SHOPPING

Stroll along Serrano street to see ornate window displays at the luxury shops and department stores. The best Christmas shops to find the most beautiful ornaments to decorate your home are in Madrid:
Christmas in Madrid

Things to Do in Madrid at Christmas: PARADE

Children wait for The Three Wise Men every 5th of January. On Epiphany day (6 January), Spanish kids traditionally wake up to find the reward to their last year’s behaviour: presents for the well-behaved, charcoal for the naughty. On the evening of January 5 there is a spectacular "Three Wise Men Parade" where children get to see the Three Kings and their pages. When they go back home, kids leave their shoes, sweets and glasses of water for the Kings and their camels before going to bed.

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Things to Do in Madrid at Christmas: MUSICALS

Don't miss a chance to enjoy a musical when you are in Madrid. Right now you can watch: The Lion King, A Chorus Line, Ghost, Grease or Kinky Boots among others.

With is lively streets and stunning monuments, Madrid is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year, but it is extra special during the holiday season. That’s why I highly recommend experiencing it at least once in your lifetime!
You can find more info about Christmas activities in Madrid on the official website.

Things to Do in Madrid at Christmas: MAP

On this map you can find all the place you need to visit in Madrid during the holiday season. To take it with you, simply click on the star next tou the title and it will be saved to My Maps in Google.

Christmas tree in Madrid

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