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Memories of the Pacific is a lifestyle blog where I share my biggest passions with the world: traveling, photography, fashion, food and books. Hopefully it will also serve you as a source for inspiration. I've always been a very creative person so I started this blog both as a creative outlet and as a way to practise and improve my photography skills.

You may wonder why I chose Memories of the Pacific as its name. Back in 2009, a year after I graduated from university I set off on my biggest adventure so far. I moved to California for a year. It was an unforgettable experience that changed my life forever. The blog mixes my current life in Spain with flashbacks to my year in America. 

Nowadays I work full time as an ESL teacher in Spain. One of the goals of this blog is to help out ESL students who are also keen on fashion, food and traveling and want to practice their reading skills and learn new vocabulary related to those topics.

When I signed up on blogger I didn't know I was going to love blogging so much. It became an addiction almost immediately. Have you heard the quote "love your job and you will never have to work a day in your life"? Even though blogging is not really a job for me, I do put a lot of "work" on it, so the quote describes perfectly how I feel about this. When I'm creating content I feel as happy and motivated as the first day. I'm always looking forward that free time at the end of the day or during weekends when I get to work on my little creation.

So welcome to my world. I hope you'll enjoy becoming a part of it.
xo Cristina 

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