Photo Diary: Aranjuez Palace & Gardens

May 12, 2014

Aranjuez is a magical and majestic place. It is a real pleasure to walk through its huge and beautiful gardens during the spring which make you believe you have gone back in time to the 18th century.

Its Royal Palace was commisioned by Philip II and designed by Juan Bautista de Toledo and Juan de Herrera, who also designed El Escorial. It was completed during the reign of Ferdinand VI by the mid-18th century.

Inspired by the palace gardens, Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo wrote the Concierto de Aranjuez. Listen to it if you get the chance, it's magnificent! The music attempts to take the listener through sounds of nature in and around the gardens during the period in which it was written.

The last two photos are my favorite rooms from the Palace. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside, so those photos are not mine. However, I thought it was essential to share with you their extraordinary beauty.

The town of Aranjuez is located 42km south of Madrid. Next time you are there make sure you take a tour around it. It's definitely worth it.

Have a lovely week everyone. Thanks for reading : )
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  1. Beautiful photos :] x

  2. Wow, that sky is UNREAL!!! Amazing images and looks like a gorgeous place to spend a perfect afternoon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. seriously, that place looks amazing! thanks for sharing those gorgeous images, and now I'm dreaming of sojourning off to Madrid ;)

  4. Such a beautiful place and the interior is simply incredible!!!! Just took my breath away! x

  5. God, what kind of camera do you have? The pics are beautiful!

  6. Wow what a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing these photos!

  7. This location is stunning! <3

  8. WOW! Lovely photos! I want to go there too. <3

    Have a great week ahead!

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  9. Wow, your outdoor pictures are absolutely breathtaking and thank you for sharing the history! I'm so glad you shared the indoor photos too because the intricacy is mind-blowing. I love learning about areas I haven't traveled in... yet! I hope to someday travel to Madrid and I'll put Aranjuez on my list thanks to you!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  10. Que bonitas fotos porfavor!!! ha sido como ir, ahí!
    Un post preciosisimooooooo

  11. Wow those clouds were amazing! Great photos!

  12. Beautiful!


  13. How stunningly beautiful is this photo, wow!!! The garden is breathtaking!! Glad I clicked on your comment on SONG OF STYLE's blog and got led back here to yours. Your blog's pics and layouts are great too, keep it up! Just followed on GFC and bloglovin' <3 Also, you should check out my newest OOTD post for some spring inspirations shot in front of a mega cool Mexican graffiti wall featuring a super long, super drapey Zara trench coat because let's be honest, owning a single decent trench coat is a basic human right, no? #Trenchies

    xx The Provoker

  14. Looks like an amazing location to take photos!

  15. Super cool pieces and cool outfit too

  16. Beautiful photos.
    Have a nice weekend


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