GHD V gold classic styler

April 16, 2015
ghd V rose gold classic styler

I have curly hair. It's also thin, quite dry but, fortunately, not frizzy. I embrace my natural curls the day I wash my hair. They are perfectly formed, voluminous and shiny. The problem comes the following day, after sleeping it looks much worse. Curls are flat and not shiny any more. And that short new hair looks crazy, every hair going in a different direction and impossible to tame. You may think the solution would be washing it every day but that is not good for your hair. Besides, as I said it's dry so it doesn't get dirty easily. I actually only need to wash my hair twice a week (I do shower every day though ;)).

My solution is straightening it. I feel much more confident, pretty and I don't need to worry about how my hair looks every day when I wake up. I also get to comb it, something I don't do with curly hair. However, a perfect blow dry like the one you get at the salon is not as easy as it may seem. The blow dryers when I was a teen (10 years ago) weren't powerful enough so my hair wasn't straight enough. And don't get me started with humidity... Rainy days were a nightmare. So once I could afford it, I started going to the salon once a week and get it properly straightened.

ghd V rose gold classic styler

I had heard from many friends about the virtues of ghd straighteners. They assured you could get perfect hair going over it just once. I have to admit I was a bit skeptic because my hair is so curly and nothing had worked before. I also felt it was a huge investment because they are expensive, way more than any other straightener in the market. Finally, last January I decided to take the plunge and get the ghd V Rose Gold Styler. Below you can read the product's description.

Styled with a glossy rose gold finish and sleek black plates, it is the definitive tool for effortless straightening and beautiful waves. Each smooth plate has a contoured, high-gloss finish, perfect for gliding through the hair effortlessly, providing the ultimate shine, on all hair types. The ghd V rose gold styler set comes with a set of matching sectioning clips and a coordinating heat resistant roll bag, essential for storing your styler away safely after use, or during travel. 
Each ghd V gold classic styler features automatic sleep mode which will switch the styler off if it has been inactive for 30 minutes. Universal voltage to ensure you get the optimum performance from your styler wherever you travel; and a cooler, lighter body providing the perfect combination for styling and creating the perfect look.
ghd V rose gold classic styler

Ladies, now that I've tried the product I can say it's one of my best purchases ever. I'm in love with it. It has so many pros. For starters I only use the dryer to dry my hair, not to straighten it, pulling much less hair out and not burning my roots. I only need to go over my hair once and I get shiny perfect straight hair. So I get the work done really fast. No I wonder why didn't I get it before.
As for the cons. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit concerned about burning and ruining my hair. So I only use it once a week. The other time a week I wash my hair I wear it curly. I also intend to get a heat protect product but I can't recommend any just yet.
Wishing you a lovely weekend,
Cristina xo

curly vs straight hair ghd


  1. That seems like a great one, and with such a cute color! Thanks for sharing your view. With love,

    The Flash Window | Bloglovin

  2. i have stick straight hair so i dont exactly use these as much coz i actually want curly hair. hehehe :) but i so love the color of that styler..i just have a black boring one. hehe :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

  3. Your hair texture sounds just like mine. I love to straighten it too, but it's hard to find the right products to prevent dryness. Your hair looks beautiful both natural and straight.

  4. Great!!! I love to use straightener and this is right one for me.

  5. So glad to hear this product works so well! Am always looking for tips :)

  6. Looks great!

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  7. I have that same flat iron and it literally works wonders on my hair! I only wish there was a way to manually control the temperature of the flat iron.

    - Liz

  8. Great results! I love the rose gold color.

  9. What a gorgeous straightener! I also have a rose gold straightener but I think yours might be a bit nicer than mine ;)


  10. Thanks for sharing your review! I love this brand and the rose gold color is so perfect. Added to my wish list!


    Hearts of Gold Blog

  11. Great to know! I only my straighten my hair once a week as well, in order to keep it nice and healthy. Thanks for sharing. xo

  12. GHD Gold is best in the market, great choice Mz
    Cristina. Your curls looks amazing though. I am sure you have tired
    multiple ways around it. my ex owner used to have same issues and we have
    trialed many ways , I believe the best result came with using styling products
    : adding moisture weigh curls down rather than controlling them. Aveda’s Be
    Curly enhancing cream or Herbal essence mouse (if you fancy natural
    moist look) or Frédéric Fekkai’s glossing cream before your blow dry it with diffused
    low heat. Permanent hair color
    helps thinking the hair strands as deposited molecules will give it some
    thickness. Try blunt cut rather than
    layering to avoid the thin look. Did you
    try any of these, they were successful.

  13. Thanks for the recommendations! At the moment I'm using Kerastase products for my curls or to protect it from the heat of the GHD. I'm really happy with those products.


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