Melia Atlantico Isla Canela

August 31, 2015

Even though walking the streets of Paris was great fun, by the time we came back we were in much need of vitamin sea. So we packed our bags again and left for the south of Spain. We were ready for a week of beach, pool, buffet and repeat.

Our destination was Isla Canela in the south-western region of Huelva and our hotel was Melia Atlantico.

The hotel
Grand Andalusian architecture and striking sea views characterize this place. Among the facilities are an outdoor pool, a buffet restaurant and a lounge bar. It is located in Isla Canela one of the most privileged residential and tourist areas in Spain. It is also very close to Portugal which makes it easy to spend a day at the Algarve.

 The pools
Taking a dip was one of our favorite parts of the day. The are not big/deep enough for a lot of swimming but they are great to beat the heat.

I don't have pics to show you the beach outside because, unfortunately, it was not as good as we expected. The sand had a lot of seaweed that needed to be removed by trucks every morning. There were also humongous jelly-fish, the biggest I've ever seen. Needless to say, we were too scared to take a dip. I assume this has something to do with the crazy weather we had this summer and that it is not the usual state of the beach.

The room 
It was light and spacious, which is perfect. I hate those tiny hotel rooms where you don't even have space to put the suitcase on the floor to unpack.

melia atlantico ayamonte huelva habitacion room

melia atlantico ayamonte huelva habitacion room

My favorite part of the room? The Balinese bed we had outside. Instead of the traditional siesta, every afternoon I had some "me" time reading and relaxing on the bed.

The food
When we go abroad we only have breakfast at the hotel. However, when we stay at a beach hotel we choose half-board since we stay in the area most of the day.

We ate breakfast and dinner at the buffet. It had a wide variety of food to choose from. You could feel that the chefs keep in mind different tastes and more importantly allergies that guests may have. Every other night there was themed dinner were you could taste dishes from cuisines all over the world: Chinese, Mediterranean, Mexican...

For me, the best part of all-you-can eat buffets is getting creative with the food. I hope that doesn't count as playing with your food, mom, I always ate it all ;)

A sandwich by the pool was out favorite lunch.

Sunsets around the hotel are spectacular. We took a walk everyday before dinner to enjoy the views.

Even though the hotel offers great spectacles every night, our favorite past time was looking at the stars from the Balinese beds.

If this was not enough to convince you to visit Huelva, on the next post I will show you the best places to see around the area and the beautiful Lagos in Portugal which is not too far away.

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Cristina xo


  1. Beautiful photo, looks like you had a great time.

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    also I love your background/design its gawjus !!!!



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  4. I can tell you are enjoying every moment of this holiday...
    I am so jealous right now!!!!

  5. The place looks so pretty
    Lovin your summery look too

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