The Most Instagrammable Places in Menorca, Spain

August 20, 2018
Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain
Menorca has many Instagram worthy locations. In fact, every single corner of this Spanish island is highly instagrammeable. This third and last post of the Menorca series (I recommend reading our itinerary and where we stayed) will convince you that this Balearic Island is the perfect holiday destination. On today's post you will find what to do in Menorca, experiences that you need to have and, of course, record on your camera. Bonus! I'm throwing in some photography tips too.

UPDATE August 2021 - COVID-19

Right now Spanish borders are open for visitors who have a negative PCR or who are vaccinated.

What's the situation in Spain right now?
Coronavirus is under control in Spain at the moment. New outbreaks are detected and controlled immediately. Lockdown measures are gone but the situation is not normal yet. Hotels, restaurants and shops are open with some restrictions such as capacity limitations and distance between tables. It's mandatory for anyone 6 and older to wear face masks while in public: indoors all the time and outdoors where it is not possible to maintain interpersonal distance.


Menorca is a little piece of paradise in the Mediterranean. You've probably heard of its big sisters: Majorca and Ibiza. This one is said to be more calm than the others. Menorca's #1 attraction are its beaches and coves, so beautiful you even wonder if it's all just a dream. The photo below was taken on the way from Cala Macarella to Macarelleta. If you can only visit two coves in the island, make it those two.

Photography tip: we all know the best time to take photos is early in the morning or in the evening but what happens when you get there in the middle of the day? Well, you've got to make the most of it. Landscapes are usually fine, people are different. At those times when the light is too hard on your face, try channeling your inner #dametraveler and turn your back to the camera.cala Macarella Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain


They've always been a favorite of mine to photograph. Binibequer Vell is the prettiest in Menorca and one of the most photographed ones

Photography tip: these days there's a lot of inspiration online and that's great, but we all end up with the same holiday photos. Think outside the box. Walk, walk, walk until you find that corner, that angle that will make your photo more original than everyone else's. Some trespassing had to be done to take the photo below 😳(don't tell anyone, it will be our little secret).
Binibequer vell Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain
Binibequer vell Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain


Historical cities with cobbled streets will forever be eye candy and therefore Instagram worthy. Never been to Cuba but that building below certainly has a Cuban vibe, don't you think? Imagine yourself twirling in front of it wearing a colorful dress, picture perfect.
Ciutadella Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain


Foodie stuff is my favorite thing to post on the gram. Our favorite spots in Menorca were:
  • Jardi de Ses Bruixes (first pic) is one of those secret places I love so much. It's hidden inside a hotel so only people who know about this place go there, it's not a touristy spot.
  • Bodegas Binifadet this place screams Instagram the moment you cross the gates. There's no question that this winery has been decorated by a someone who pays a lot of attention to detail and looks for beauty everywhere. Warning! Check your device's storage before going, you will want to take a photo in every single corner. 
Binifadet Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain
Bodega Binifadet Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain
Bodega Binifadet Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain
  •  Restaurante S'amarador: here's where we tried Menorca's typical dish, soupy rice, and some of the most instagrammable desserts I've ever seen. I ordered the one with the red fruit because I saw it on the table next too us, I didn't care what it was it was just so pretty I needed to have it. The restaurant has a little patio inside and looks a bit like a fishing house plus it's by the port, another place to take great shots.
restaurant s'amarador Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain
  • Cova d'en Xoroi: a bar built within the rocks and natural caves. Sip a cocktail while you watch the sun set. Sounds great right? The typical drink of Menorca is called Pomada and consists of gin made in the island and lemon soda.
Cova Xoroi Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain
Photography tip: food photography can be tricky because only natural light will make the food look as good as it should on a photo. Book a table by the window if possible.


Please don't be mad at me but I think sunsets are kind of overrated. Yes, they are beautiful but we see them However, if you insist on taking a photo this is my tip for you...

Photography tip: wait for the sun to be low enough to get those beautiful warm hues and no lens flare. You have to be fast! That moment doesn't last very long. Needless to say location scouting should be done ahead of time. Expect tons of people to be there, another reason to be early and patient.
sunset cavallaria lighthouse Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain
sunset cavallaria lighthouse Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain


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Instagrammable Places Menorca Spain


  1. Great post! The photos are gorgeous and loved the tips. Overrated or not that sunset shot was amazing!! :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. A teeny little trespassing is usually worth the 'gram photo for sure! And you can always use the 'oh, sorry, I'm a visitor I didn't realise' excuse!

  3. Wow each place is just stunning! I love the white houses and how gorgeous it would be to add some bright fun colors in there!

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    Jessica |

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  7. Clair Mozingo CookAugust 21, 2018 at 10:23 PM

    I completely agree with these places being memorable!

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  11. Hi! You are very beautiful. Youe photos of he beaches and white washed towns are very cool. A few years ago, I stayed at Barcelone about a week. I climbed Pyrenees for consective three days. I also went to see Sagrada Familia too.

  12. OMG it's so gorgeous there! I can't imagine there is any place that isn't instagrammable.

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