Places to Enjoy a Traditional Thanksgiving Meal in Madrid

November 14, 2021
Would you like to celebrate one of the most popular American traditions in Madrid? There are plenty of restaurants that offer a traditional Thanksgiving meal. After a year in which we have learned to value what's important in life, it's time to say thanks for what we have joining our friends and family once again.
Check out the best restaurants to get your Turkey and pumpkin pie fix in the capital of Spain.


This is a luxury hotel that has one of the most spectacular dining rooms in Madrid. "It is a former palace that integrates the royal character of the bourgeois architecture of Madrid during the 20th Century, with the modernity and comfort of a modern luxury hotel."
Date: November 25 2021
Price: 75€

Latin roots mixed with American food.
Date: November 25 lunch from 12.30pm and dinner from 8pm
Price: 28€

American food, coffee, brunch and craft beer
Date: from November 25 to November 28 2021
Price: 40€

I've never been to this restaurant but has good reviews and it is on the list of 30 best restaurants around the world to celebrate Thanksgiving. It's the only Spanish restaurant that made the list.
Date: from November 24 to November 28 2021.
Price: 42€

Carmencita Bar is one of the most popular brunch spots in Madrid. You can have your Thanksgiving at the restaurant or have the turkey to go.
Date: from November 24 to November 28 2021
Price: 38€

Yummy New Orleans Cuisine and Poboys

Live music, open bar and buffet dinner in the center of Madrid.
Date: November 25 2021
Price: 50€

Order your pumpkin pie on their website website under the "pre-order pumpkin pie" tab. 21€ until Nov 21 and then 23€.




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Do you want to celebrate at home? If you prefer something low key with friends at home, Taste of America has your favorite American products waiting for you. It was the first shop in Madrid to specialize in American products. On their website, you'll find various locations throughout Madrid.
If preparing the whole thing is too much for you, organize a pot-luck and have everyone bring a dish.

Black Friday has become increasingly popular in recent years too, you will find discounts on most shops during this week. Bear in mind that the discounts won't be as good as in the US. Here you will only find 20-30% off.

How are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving?

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  7. I love the fur jacket with those cute plaid trousers! Sounds like any of these places would be a fantastic place to eat!

  8. What a great idea for a post! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving xx Maria

  9. These tartan trousers are superb and I also love the skirt that you have in your suggestions! We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Scotland, but I always find an excuse to gather around the table, hehe.

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  12. Nice! I'm in DC this year, but if I were in Madrid I would celebrate it at Café de Oriente!
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  13. That mustard top is beautiful on you! :) It's great you could celebrate thanksgiving outside of the US too :) We have had a few sales for Black Friday but nothing big - boxing day is our massive sales usually!

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  21. I really liked all of these details. We also had an awesome family thanksgiving luncheon that had been hosted at the prettiest vintage inspired event space Atlanta. The food was so traditional and very yummy. We had a great time over there with my loved ones.

  22. That sounds like an exciting way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Is it a similar holiday for them? We are in our RV so we are making steak and baked potatoes on our BBQ. - Margy


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