Instagram Worthy Places in Budapest

May 6, 2019
liberty bridge budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography
Opulent architecture, beautiful cafes and thermal baths, the Danube river and many vantage points..., Budapest is a photographer's dream. With so many hidden gems, it was only logical to make a list of Instagram worthy spots in Budapest.

This is the last installment on the Budapest series. On my travel guide to 48 hours in Budapest you can find travel tips to plan your itinerary to Hungary’s capital and on Budapest for Foodies you can find the best restaurants. Now it’s time to share the most instagrammable places in Budapest, hopefully these photos will help you plan your trip or inspire you to travel there soon.
 budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography yellow tram parliament building
 budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography parliament building
This first instagrammable spot in Budapest is one of its most important landmarks: the Hungarian Parliament. Take a look all around, explore it 360º, you'll find endless photography possibilities. The building is gorgeous from every single angle! The yellow trams are another Budapest classic which you can capture around the Parliament building. 
The Parliament is located by the river which means you can get spectacular views of Buda as well.

Photography tip: cross the Danube to Batthany ter to get a great view of the whole building. Go there in the afternoon to have the sun on your back.

Check out our itinerary on this map
 budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography danube river views
 budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography vantage point views gresham four seasons hotel chain bridge stephen basilica
 budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography fisherman bastion
fisherman bastion budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography
Fisherman's Bastion: the fairy-tale towers make it the #1 Instagram spot in Budapest. On the same place you can find Saint Matthias, one of the most spectacular churches I've ever seen. Apart from the beautiful architecture, this is a vantage point so you can see breathtaking views of Pest.

Photography tip: if you want to get a dreamy photo, channel your inner #dametraveler and feel like the queen of the castle, skip that beauty sleep and wake up as early as possible. Fisherman's Bastion is open 24/7 and gets crowded fast so be the first one there to have the place to yourself.
matthias church budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography
When it comes to restaurants, Budapest is a city of contrasts. On the one hand, you have classic cafes with beautiful frescoes like New York Cafe or Cafe Parisi. On the other hand, the kitsch ruin bars. Despite the contrast, both are Instagram worthy.

new york cafe budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography
szimpla kert ruin bar budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography
The world famous thermal baths in Budapest are a must if you a) love pools, b) have an Instagram account. We visited Szechenyi Thermal Bath and loved every minute of it.

Photography tip: photography is allowed in the baths, but keep in mind that not everybody likes to have their photo taken, especially in a swimsuit. Try to take general photos where you can't see individuals very well. They advise you to leave expensive photography equipment in the hotel, use your phone with a waterproof case or a GoPro instead. 
szechenyi thermal baths budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography
If you need more ideas...
  • Vajdahunyad Castle is another dreamy spot in Budapest. This replica of a Transilvania castle will get you the perfect Instagram photo. 
  • Liberty Bridge (first photo) is one of the most beautiful bridges that crosses the Danube. The green structure is the perfect setting for a few Instagram worthy snaps. Other beautiful bridges are Chain Bridge and Margaret Bridge.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to Instagram worthy places in Budapest. If you have an Instagram account, leave it on the comments below, I'd love to check it out!


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fisherman bastion budapest instagrammable instagram worthy spot photography


  1. Wow. Really.

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  2. We've not been but it really does look gorgeous!

  3. Pat from Mille Fiori FavoritiMay 7, 2019 at 4:45 AM

    What a gorgeous city! I have friends traveling to Budapest on a river cruise and will send your blog to them as I know they will enjoy your posts. I hope also to travel there someday!

  4. Wow the architecture is just stunning! Fisherman's Bastion might just be my favorite!

  5. I think architecture is so cool. Each different country has different colors and textures and I think it's so neat that you share it all with us!

  6. mary_makeup@hotmail.itMay 7, 2019 at 2:07 PM

    Wow stunning place and pics. I so would love to go to Budapest <3

  7. i can see why the fairy tale towers are the # 1 spot. Wow!

  8. It looks like the entire city is one, big, perfect IG spot! Haha! Love these pics!

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  10. Wow, those really are insta worthy! I love amazing architecture like that.

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  12. the place especially the architectures are wonderful!!

  13. Wow, that architecture is just so fascinating! Seeing the old buildings that have managed to last so long is amazing.

    I am delighted that you chose to join My Corner of the World!

  14. These are some beautiful shots of your stay in Budapest. Now I've added it to the top of my travel wishlist. I love touring churches, so Saint Matthias will be my first stop when I get there.

  15. I never knew that Budapest was such a beautiful place. Definitely adding it to my travel bucket list!

  16. That Fisherman's Bastion is something else! I have a friend who is going there next month and who will find this guide very helpful!

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