3 Beautiful Villages in Castilla y Leon, Spain: Lerma, Covarrubias & Silos

August 19, 2019

summer travel dress floral abercrombieSpanish cities are beautiful, but I prefer hidden gems, unique places off the beaten path that leave you speechless. In Spain you can find countless quaint villages with cobblestone streets, houses with geraniums on their balconies and so peaceful that will make you want to move in. In fact, there is an association that gives them the distinction of "most beautiful villages in Spain".

In the region of Burgos, there are three beautiful villages that are worth visiting: Lerma, Covarrubias and Santo Domingo de Silos. Two of them, Lerma and Covarrubias, are in the Pueblos Mas Bonitos de España -most beautiful villages in Spain- list. They are near each other and they are great day trips if you are in Burgos or an amazing weekend getaway if you are in Madrid.

If you need to spend the night, the best place to stay in the area is the former Ducal Palace of Lerma, now Parador the Lerma. Imagine feeling like a Duke for a night! If you are on a day/road trip you can find parking in Plaza Mayor -main square- in front of the Parador. It's easy to find parking on the other villages as well.
lerma burgos spain castile leon sunset beautiful village

3 Beautiful Villages in Spain: Lerma

Lerma can be spotted up on a hill by the side of the A-1 motorway. This magnificent village catches your attention ever from there. In the 17th Century, the Duke of Lerma ordered to construct Lerma on a whim. The most famous construction in the village is the Ducal Palace of Lerma, nowadays a Parador hotel.
lerma burgos spain castile leon parador hotel ducal palace beautiful village
lerma burgos spain castile leon parador hotel ducal palace beautiful village
lerma burgos spain castile leon parador hotel ducal palace beautiful village
lerma burgos spain castile leon parador hotel ducal palace beautiful village restaurant
lerma burgos spain castile leon parador hotel room ducal palace beautiful village
What to do in Lerma:
El Parador is a must-see monument but there's much more in this beautiful Spanish village:

  • Church of San Pedro
  • Convent of Santa Teresa
  • Monasterio de la Ascension
  • Convent of San Blas

Now and until November 2019, Lerma is hosting the new exhibition of Las Edades del Hombre -Ages of Man- called "Angeli". The exhibit is dedicated to the figure of the angel and how it has been represented through works of art from different times in history. It's a great opportunity for any art lover to see masterpieces from all around the world.

Where to eat in Lerma:

Burgos 40km, Madrid 205km.
lerma burgos spain castile leon church beautiful village
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lerma burgos spain castile leon typical house construction beautiful village
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lerma burgos spain castile leon restaurant galoria beautiful village

3 Beautiful Villages in Spain: Covarrubias

This picturesque village is one of Castilla y Leon's hidden gems. Its cobblestone streets and half-timbered houses are an example of typical Castilian urban layout.

What to see in Covarrubias:
Stroll through the old town to find these wonderful gems.

  • Casa de Doña Sancha
  • Palacio de Fernan Gonzalez
  • Church of Santo Tomas
  • Gothic Collegiate Church of San Cosme and San Damian
  • Statue of Kristina, princess of Norway. 
You may wonder what does a Norwegian princess have to do with this Spanish village. Well, Kristina Olaf, daughter of king Haakon Haakonson of Norway, married don Felipe, brother of king Alfonso X el Sabio -the wise- and she is buried in Covarrubias.

Burgos 42 km, Madrid 220 km.
covarrubias burgos spain castile leon timber house beautiful village
covarrubias burgos spain castile leon timber house beautiful village
covarrubias burgos spain castile leon beautiful village
covarrubias burgos spain castile leon beautiful village

3 Beautiful Villages in Spain: Santo Domingo de Silos

This village is best known for the Monastery of Silos which is thought to have been founded around the 7th century. Another temple was built in 1088 on this site which was later replaced by the present one, of Neoclassical style. The monastery houses one of the most beautiful cloisters in Spain and the monks' Gregorian chant is known all around the world. Apparently, it even made the British pop charts in the mid-1990s! As you can imagine, the piece and quiet in this place is quite unique as well.

The monastery is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and then from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. On public holidays and Sunday it's open from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm and then from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. It's closed on Monday. General admission is 3,5€. If you want to hear Gregorian chant you can attend the service at 9 am from Tuesday to Saturday or 12 pm on public holidays and Sundays. Those times can change so I advice you to make a call when you plan your visit.

If you have time for more, just two and a half kilometers from Santo Domingo de Silos you can find an amazing gorge at La Yecla. To cross it there is a narrow cement walkway -with vultures flying overhead- that reveals the force of water erosion. It's a short -around 600m- but spectacular path great for taking photos of nature. Fun fact: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was filmed in this area.

Burgos 59km, Madrid 211km.
silos monastery santo domingo burgos spain castile leon cloister
silos monastery santo domingo burgos spain castile leon cloister
silos monastery santo domingo burgos spain castile leon cloister
santo domingo silos antonio lopez escultura niño bebe burgos

3 Beautiful Villages in Castilla y Leon Map
Summer in Spain is hot, even in the region of Burgos. Light and airy dresses are your best choice and don't forget very comfortable shoes for exploring all those cobblestone streets!
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lerma burgos castile leon spain beautiful village


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