Best Beaches in Almeria: Roquetas de Mar

September 16, 2019
almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast
Almeria is a coastal region in Andalusia washed by the Mediterranean sea. Almeria's beaches may not be the most popular in Spain but they still deserve a chance. Back in August, we spent 5 days in Roquetas de Mar, a seaside town 18km from Almeria. We were looking for a quiet place for some rest and relax and we got it.

Living in Madrid, we need the occasional break to flee the concrete jungle. Escape the busy routine, the noise and traffic jams. So every year, we like to spend a week in the south of Spain. In Andalusia you are sure the weather is going to be nice, unlike beaches in the north of the country. Despite the charm of regions like Asturias or Galicia, they are less popular for summer vacations as it is far more likely to get rain in summer.

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On this post I'm going to tell you why the region of Almeria is worth visiting, things to do and where to stay in Roquetas de Mar so that you can plan an unforgettable Andalusian vacation.


  • Since it's the Mediterranean sea, water is much warmer than in Huelva or Cadiz for instance.
  • Instead of sand, there are little pebbles that make it difficult to take a walk by the sea. Get a pair of water slippers and your feet will be thankful.
  • The heat: Almeria is desert-like so excursions in July or August may be challenging. If that's the case when you visit, you'll be better off by the sea instead of going inland.
  • It's much less crowded than the region of Malaga.

almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast
almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast



On our Andalusian vacation this year, we stayed at Protur Roquetas de Mar. This five-star resort is right on the sea front and offers direct access from the hotel to the beach. It has two pools -one indoor and one outdoor- a spa and a gym. The board is all inclusive so the price you pay for the room is final. All meals, drinks and access to the facilities are included. It's wonderful for families as there's also a water park and many activities for children.

We had a wonderful time at the hotel. The staff was really kind, the food was good and varied and we got the R&R we were looking for. However, we didn't find it 5-star quality. I'd say it's more of a good 4-star hotel. I still highly recommend it though.
almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast protur hotel resort spa
almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast protur hotel resort spa


The beach you access from the hotel is La Serena. The water is warm and calm but as I said a pair of water slippers will be your best friends.

The beaches in Roquetas go on for 8km and include those of Aguadulce, Romanilla or La Bajadilla. All of them suitable for families and water sport fans alike.

almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast


You can follow the sea promenade all the way to Roquetas Old Town for a lovely walk. It takes 50 minutes. There's a bike lane if you want to rent a bike. If it's too hot, you can either drive or take the bus.

Honestly, Roquetas is not one of those dreamy white-washed Andalusian villages. It's more of a touristy coastal town. In the Old Town you can find:

  • A lighthouse
  • The modern Santa Ana's castle
  • The marina and fishing port
almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast old town lighthouse
almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast old town castle
almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast port marina
almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast


  • Visit the beautiful natural park of Cabo de Gata. This is the only real desert in all of Europe. What are you going to find here? Preserved nature, wild beaches, forts, ancient ruins and tiny villages.
  • Spaghetti western fans can visit the film sets that were used to shoot movies in the 60's and 70's such as “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Cleopatra”, “The good, the bad and the ugly”, “Death had a price” or “Indiana Jones and the last crusade”. More info here.
  • Visit the jaw-dropping Geoda de Pulpi. It's the largest geode cave in Europe. This gigantic cave of crystals has been recently opened to the public. Get your tickets and plan your visit here.
  • There are two villages in Almeria that made it to the "most beautiful villages in Spain" list: Nijar and Mojacar.
Planning a trip to Roquetas de Mar? For more fun things to see and do in this lovely town and to plan the perfect day itinerary, check out this blog post on How to enjoy a day in Roquetas.


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almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast
 almeria beach spain roquetas mar coast protur hotel resort spa


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  5. I always look for the beaches when I travel. Thanks for sharing. I was in Spain a few months ago but didn't get to Almeria

  6. I love less touristy beaches, so this would be perfect for me. I've read about Bilbao and San Sebastian; are they too crowded, cold and the big waves not good for swimming?

  7. Hi Eileen! The beaches in Bilbao and San Sebastian are not crowded but I find the water too cold for me to swim. Only the brave ones dive in!

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