Old Swiss House

January 20, 2015
luzern switzerland

I'm an extremely organized person and I try to keep my blog as organized as possible too. However, some weeks I find myself jumping from some topic to another which seems to mirror ramblings of my mind. Let me explain myself. The original idea was to do 3 posts every week: a recipe, a fashion post and a travel post. Keeping up with that schedule is easy during the holidays but not so much when you have a day job. On weeks like this I end up blogging about memories that come to mind. Today I'm going back to the beautiful city of Luzern in Switzerland.

The Old Swiss House -pictured above- was built in 1859. It is located near the Lion Monument, in the very centre of Lucerne. Its handsome half-timbered façade makes it one of the most photographed attractions of the area. It is truly a landmark of Lucerne.

The second floor of the Old Swiss House served as living quarters for the Buholzer family until 1967. Since then, the upstairs has been turned into traditional banqueting rooms for private parties and family gatherings. Most of the interior decorations date back to the 17th century.

A fun fact for wine lovers: the Buholzer family has one of Switzerland’s most remarkable wine cellars. It is stocked with 40,000 or so bottles of some of the rarest vintage wines, including a unique collection of Château Mouton Rothschild, which is on display near the entrance to the Old Swiss House.

Your can find more info on their website.
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