Mondays We Cook: Fish Cake

June 15, 2015
fish cake recipe

Happy Monday sweethearts! Let's kick off the new week with a recipe perfect for hot summer days. A dish that is served cold. If you follow the blog you should know that I have a sweet tooth and that I often post cake recipes. Even though this one is also a cake, we are leaving sweet flavors aside this week. This fish cake is full of protein, healthier than meat (I'm trying to cut on meat as much as I can) and is very tasty thanks to flavorful olives.

That just reminded me of the olive theory. Do you believe in it? In case you've never heard of it, it all started on a How I Met Your Mother episode. It consists of determining the potential success of a relationship by whether one person in the relationship loves olives while the other person hates them. Marshall and Lily argue that based on the Olive Theory, they are an awesome couple based on Marshall's hatred of olives and Lily's olive love.

fish cake recipe

Without further ado here's the recipe:


800 gr of small hake
200 gr tomato sauce
3 eggs

For decoration
1 hard boiled egg
olives (black or green)

  1. Fry the hake
  2. When it is cold debone it and add tomato sauce and eggs
  3. Preheat oven 180ºC for 10 minutes
  4. Pour mixture into a non-stick mould
  5. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes
  6. Set aside and let it cool
  7. Decorate as you wish 
Tip: in order to make sure that the mixture won't stick to the mould, cut out a white piece of paper with the shape of the base of the mould. Spread with oil on both sides. Put it in the mould. Once you remove the cake from the mould, it will be very easy to remove the paper.

Cristina xo

fish cake recipe


  1. How I love fish, and this dish looks so yummy x

    Cherie |

  2. que pinta más rica! besines!

  3. OMG! I WANT IT!))
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  4. Yummy this look so good

  5. Looks good. Thanks for sharing and happy Wednesday!

    Eye See Euphoria |

  6. It looks awesome! Can't wait to make it :)

    Becky |

  7. Well I must say I have never heard of fish cake before very interesting.. I would love to try it!
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