20 Secret Places to Visit in Spain in 2020

February 3, 2020
When it comes to planning a trip to visit unique places in Spain, the possibilities are endless. From white washed towns, to quaint villages with cobblestone streets, there are so many options it's hard to choose. To help you out, I've rounded up a list of 20 secret places to visit in Spain. All of these hidden gems are great ideas to add to your travel bucket list.

As you start planning out your trips for spring and summer, take a look at these 20 secret places in Spain to visit in 2020.

20 unique Spanish destinations to visit in 2020

1. Olite
olite castillo castle navarra
2. Ujue
ujue uxue navarra
Great food, a fairy tale castle, cobblestone streets...Olite has all the ingredients to be a dreamy town. Ujue is pretty much the same thing. They are two must-see spots if you are in the region of Navarra. The main city in Navarra is Pamplona, so if you are planning to run with the bulls next July, don't forget about these two beautiful places!
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3. Potes
potes cantabria flores
4. Comillas
comillas gaudi capricho
There are many reasons why you should visit Cantabria but one of them is the chance to get lost in quaint villages like Potes and Comillas. Comillas has an impressive amount of heritage buildings for such a small place. There's even a palace by architect Antoni Gaudi.
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5. Patones de Arriba
patones arriba madrid
6. Chinchon
chinchon plaza madrid
Being the capital of Spain, the city of Madrid has plenty to see on its onw. However, the region must not be overlooked as there are many lovely towns to visit nearby such as Chinchon with its unique main square and Patones de arriba with its dreamy houses and cobblestone streets.
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7. Almagro
plaza almagro armaos ciudad real corral comedias
8. Campo de Criptana
campo criptana molinos windmills
Feel like Don Quixote chasing the windmills at Campo the Criptana. Here you will find some of the best preserved traditional Spanish windmills in the whole country. You can find more spectacular ones in Consuegra.
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9. Castrillo de los Polvazares
castrillo polvazares cocido maragato astorga leon
The latest addition to "the most beautiful villages in Spain" list and it was high time! Castrillo is in the region of Leon, at a stone's throw from Astorga. This beautifully preserved village will surely steal your heart.
See more pics of Castrillo here

10. Lerma
lerma burgos
11. Covarrubias
covarrubias burgos
12. Santo Domingo de Silos
monastery santo domingo silos
These three "secret places" are in the region of Burgos, right in the center of Castilla y Leon. Here you will find amazing religious heritage that will take your breath away.
Read all about Lerma, Covarrubias and Silos

13. Medinaceli
medinaceli soria
This lovely place on the top of a mountain has a well-deserved spot in "the most beautiful villages of Spain list." I mean, look at the photo, how cute is that corner?
Read all about Medinaceli here

14. Monastario de Yuste
monasterio yuste extremadura jarandilla
King Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany chose this place to spend his last days. This haven of peace is a must if you are in the region of Extremadura.
Read all about Monastario de Yuste here

15. Monasterio de San Zoilo
monasterio san zoilo palencia
If you love quiet places and delicious food, this monastery is for you. It is also a hotel and restaurant so you can enjoy this monastic experience to the fullest.
Read all about Monasterio de San Zoilo here

16. Luanco
luanco asturias playa beach
The coast by the Mediterranean sea is the most popular in Spain for good reason but we mustn't overlook the northern coast. There are plenty of quaint villages and gorgeous coastal views in Asturias. Last summer we discovered the charming coastal town of Luanco and fell in love with it.

17. Brihuega
brihuega guadalajara lavanda lavender
A sea of lavender fields surrounds Brihuega every summer. It's just one hour away from Madrid and holds a lavender festival in the middle of July that's worth visiting .
Read all about Brihuega here

18. Frigiliana
frigiliana nerja
19. Vejer de la Frontera
vejer frontera cadiz
If you are not a big fan of cobblestone streets and country houses and you prefer Andalusian white washed villages, be sure to check out Vejer and Frigiliana.
Read all about Vejer and Frigiliana

20. Binibequer
binibequer vell menorca
Located in the dreamy isle of Menorca, Binibeca is a white washed village consisting of intricate narrow streets that make you feel as if you were in a maze.
Read all about Binibeca here

20 Secret Places to Visit in Spain in 2020: the map

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  1. Spain is really rich for tourism, amazing and beautiful places.

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  3. How I's love to return to Spain and visit these intriguing places! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh, how I love Spain! Their countryside is so beautiful! And all the castles, traveling from snow-topped mountains to beaches. I haven't been in years, but would love to go again!

  5. Oh wow! I dream of road tripping through Spain. I am salivating right now.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  6. Love the beautiful places you shared here. Given the opportunity, I would go to Spain in a heartbeat!


  7. These are amazing - I appreciate the map as I was wondering if I could day trip some of them from Barcelona. Alas no :(

  8. Amazing bits of history that you found! I never tire of seeing such old architecture and roadways :)

    I'm so glad to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

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  9. http://ladyfi.wordpress.comFebruary 5, 2020 at 10:56 AM

    Each place is more charming than the next!

  10. Gorgeous! I have bookmarked this post for reference, so the next time I go to spain I can check out some of these places!

  11. Such a lovely list! I only know Binibiquer and I adore it! And noted Vejer for our wanderings for Easter! Thanks a lot for the off the radar Spanish inspiration! #farawayfiles

  12. such pretty places, never heard of any of them:( thanks for the list:) #farawayfiles

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  17. What a great guide! So many beuaitufl places to visit and I love hidden gems like these! #FarawayFiles

  18. Absolutely one of my favorite cities to visit! Great guide dear!

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  19. Excellent subject for a blog post. I'd much rather visit a secret place than somewhere that's really crowded - these places are often far more special. Thanks for inspiring me on #farawayfiles

  20. Your pictures has me dreaming of travel! It's so crazy at how magnificent some of these places look - it's seriously so dreamy. I hope to visit Spain again soon because I can't wait to see these locations for myself.

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  21. Me encanta como vas descubriendo "nuevos" y mágicos rincones y gracias por compartirlos con los demás. Un besazo enorme preciosa!

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  22. Such beautiful scenery, love the color and all the green. It's so refreshing to see as I'm still buried up to my neck in snow. I love the outfit with the white tank and skirt, and also the green dress with the jacket.

  23. Thanks, Cathy! What places in Spain have you visited?

  24. Thanks! What place in Spain have you visited?

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